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Topic Talk—One GNO Gal’s Yummy Travel Tales

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Are you hungry? Because today's featured GNO gal, our friend Mara from The Mother of All Trips, speaks to our tummies and our parenting logic by writing a series of posts on where and what to eat while on vacation. After all, isn't half the fun of vacationing eating? I mean, Switzerland isn't known for its chocolate, Peru isn't known for its Ceviche, and Japan isn't known for its Kobe beef for nothing! Food is fun and memorable and enhances the overall travel experience.

While all of Mara's posts are worth reading, the one entitled, "Just Say No to Fast Food" is a must. It provides practical tips for not taking the path of least resistance and giving into fast-food eating habits while on vacation.

In her post she writes:

So how do you find your way past the golden arches? I have a few suggestions for your next road trip. Please bear in mind that I'm not asking you to see out fancy restaurants but local family places and diners that are as appropriate for kids as fast food restaurants. The idea here is that you'll have decent food (not necessarily healthy, although of course that is ideal) at a reasonable price and will put some money into the economy of the communities you are traveling through. And sometimes if you take this approach you may end up surprised by a really great find – something that will never happen in a fast food restaurant whose entire premise is that no one who walks through the door will ever be surprised by anything that is put in front of them.

Thanks to Mara at The Mother of All Trips for sharing her practical and motivating Topic Talk posts about travel. (Note: The picture above was borrowed from her blog.)

For other terrific travel posts, please refer to these gno gal's blogs:

Deb at Dirty Socks & Pizza tells about her family vacation to Maui. It was touching to read about how much her teenage son appreciated and loved the events she had planned for them. But, capturing that appreciation on film? Priceless!

Kitchengirl and contributor at the UpTake—Atrractions Blog gets us in the Halloween spirit by providing a list of the top-ten pumpkin patches in the US.

Heathery, at Middle Georgia Mommy, tells about roadtripping it RV style, family and all, cross country. (The RV photo is from her blog.)

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