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Topic Talk—Thanksgiving Comfort Food!

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Today's GNO Gals bring us more delightfully delicious dishes with a touch of comfort—as in comfort food. Welcome:

Creamy Mashed Potatoes picture courtesy of Nicole at Pinch My Salt.

Alice inspires us to go crazy with cranberries this season with her many recipes featured on plaincook.com. Here are a few:

Cranberry Jello
Cranberry Pineapple Jello
Cranberry Jello Salad With Port Wine
Fresh Cranberry and Cream Salad
Cranberry Pecan Salad With Feta Cheese

Coming Up for Air
reminds us what Thanksgiving is about and that it is bigger than our corner of the world. She inspires us to think globally:

... we have taken a break from our normal history routine to learn about Thanksgiving across the centuries, across the world, across religion and across tradition. Thanksgiving is not just something we Americans celebrate because of the pilgrims. Thanksgiving has been celebrated for centuries by many different countries and cultures as a way to express thankfulness for the harvest, for protection and for the blessings of nature. So far, we've learned about the Chinese celebration Chung Ch'ui - which starts with the celebration of the moon's birthday on the 15th of August. We've learned how the Greeks and Romans celebrated the harvest and the stories of their gods and goddesses. And we've learned about the Jewish holiday Succot and what a beautiful expression of thanks this festival is. Tomorrow we learn how ancient Egyptians celebrated harvest.

I'll Make a Foodie Out of Youshares family holiday tips from her pastry-chef perspective. My favorite? Her delicious recipe for marinated asparagus wrapped in phyllo dough. I am drooling just thinking about the yumminess! I may not be able to wait until the holidays to try out this tantalizing treat.

She also provides some basic, but expert advice like the following:

Sugar Cookies boring you? Then make a huge batch and seperate them into smaller ones. Add different extracts, or maybe even some citrus peel and your completely changed it into something edgy. I like to take my sugar cookie dough left overs and add lemon zest with a little orange blossom water. Think high end tea party, they are ungodly delicious.

Gohn Crazy shares her first Thanksgiving meal with us. Can you almost taste Thanksgiving after seeing this pic? Mmmmmmm!

Pinch My Salt shows off comfort food at its best with the creamy mashed potatoes featured above and this amazing batch of sweet potato rolls. Once again, we appreciate Nicole for being our guest tweet this week. It has been a treat to visit her blog every day for yummy recipes and beautiful pictures. Check out her holiday series throughout this season for wonderful holiday recipes.

Thanks to today's featured GNO Gals—and everyone that participated this week in Topic Talk—for their mouth-watering pictures and yummy recipes. Next week's theme is giving and charity in celebration of our live auction to help provide Thanksgiving meals to families facing hunger this holiday season.

Wanna be featured? Please comment here or e-mail us at mommygossipgno AT gmail DOT com and provide your BLOG URL, linking to the post you'd like featured.

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