Teen Style: How to Dress Trendy and Modest

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Warm weather is here and so are the new fashions for our teen girls. Over the past few years it seems like less is more. We can change the trend by teaching our daughters to respect themselves and choose styles that are flattering yet cool and age appropriate. Body image and how clothes look on us is very important to our self esteem as women in general.

Thanks goodness schools have dress codes that are mostly reinforced, but what about outside of school?  The mall? The movies? School sporting events?

Our girls are influenced by their friends, magazine models and celebrities when it comes to fashion. What are some ways we can help our daughters dress modestly, have positive body image and still own a wardrobe that is trendy?

How to Help Your Teen be Trendy and Modest

  • Encourage her to be a trendsetter. New fashion trends are started all the time; do not be afraid to try something different. Just because all the girls are wearing short shorts, mini skirts and plunging necklines, does not mean you have to.
  • Know your body. Try clothes on so you know what looks good and flatters your figure. We are all built differently.
  • Set a fashion standard for yourself and stick to it. Others will respect you for your modest taste and choice in clothes.
  • Exercise is good for us. If you can stand to lose a few winter pounds exercise and eat healthy. Avoid the starving and crash diets that bring on other issues.

We want our girls to be healthy, happy and feel good about themselves in clothes that are modest and trendy. For my own daughter these are the first four steps.

How do you and your children make decisions about fashion that you both agree on?

Robin Greene is a mom of a teen daugther and a teen son.  She is also Kindergarten teacher at her local Christian school. Robin enjoys trying to find ways to save money, spend time with family and freelance write for Your little one will be the cutest one at their next play date in their new Spring baby clothes or a beautiful baby tutu with a matching baby headband.

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