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Twitter for Charities and Non-Profits: 3 Case Studies

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What Are the Results of Using Twitter for Charities and Non-Profits?

Over the last six months, I've seen some pretty cool results for charities and non-profits using twitter.



This was a very clever, well planned, successful viral fundraiser.  The goal was to raise $10,000 to build a classroom for children in Tanzania.


  • Asked twitterers to tweet their gratitude along with website address and the hashtag #tweetsgiving
  • Enlisted influential twitterers (via direct messaging) as seed evangelists
  • Chip-in for donations


  • People tweeted 3,000 gratitude messages
  • They gained 1,337 twitter followers
  • Tweetsgiving was a top trending term on Twitter for 48 hours
  • Tweetsgiving.org received 15,830 page views from 7563 visitors in 101 countries
  • More than 100 press and blog mentions, and here’s one more 😉

One Day For Human Rights—Anca Foster


This campaign was focused on the Dec 10, 2008 Human Rights Day, and modeled after Blog Action Day. The goal was to get signatures for a petition to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into people’s passports.


  • Twitter avatar mod/logo
  • Tweets
  • Badges for blogs
  • Got commitments to blog about it on the actual day


  • 1,849 signatures
  • 1,535 Twitter followers
  • 387 members of Facebook group
  • 2,349 inbound links

12 for 12K Organization—Danny Brown


This is a fairly new, ongoing year-long effort for 12 different charities.  Each month, a new charity.

Tactics are fluid, but they include:

  • Avatar mod, tweeting, badges
  • Chip-in for donations
  • Raffle contests

And they just did a tweet-a-thon… March 19 2009 to Raise $12,000 for the Share Our Strength charity.


  • Website traffic: 3,117 unique visitors with 6,239 page hits
  • Twitter: 100+ pages of search results for the #12for12k hashtag
  • Twitter: 300 users of the #12for12k hashtag between 11.00am and 1.00pm EST
  • Twitter: Topping numerous Twitter trend sites (above March Madness hashtag)
  • Donors: 459 contributors, raising a total of $14,847.69
  • Amount: Target of $12,000 was raised in just 6 hours. On average, more than $1,000 was being donated per hour.

Real World Results

  • Connect 546,840 families to programs that provide free meals to their children during the summer.
  • Provide 14,112 preschool children with a nutritious lunch.
  • Give 352,800 schoolchildren a glass of milk
  • Feed 420 children three meals a day for a month

Um wow.

So What Works For Charities and Non Profits on Twitter?

Tips for Getting Action and Participation

  • Widgets and logos for people’s blogs
  • Logo that’s avatar-sized for Twitter pic modification
  • Hashtags
  • Reason for people to constantly tweet about it
  • Chip In widget
  • Get commitments to blog or tweet


Brian Carter is the director of Search Engine Optimization for Fuel Interactive. See Brian's lifestreams at FriendFeed, Profilactic, and MyBlogLog. And check out his social network, Brian Carter's Amazing Friends and the Brian Carter Social Media Blog.

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