Valentine’s Craft: Love Attack Box


I love Valentine's Day. I love the treats, the color red (it's my favorite color), and most of all, all of the love notes I get to send to family and friends. This year, I decided I wanted to send out Valentine's that are a little bit different than my regular Valentine's Day cards I usually send out. So, I searched Pinterest for some ideas on what to do. I found delicious recipes, family activity ideas, and a craft idea I just knew I had to do—the heart attack, or love attack, as I call it. Basically, it is just a box filled with hearts and when the receiver opens it, it is like a love attack coming from the sender! It is a perfect and fun way to remind someone how much you love them. I am planning on sending these cute boxes to my nieces, my best friend who just moved out of state, and sisters (I hope you're not reading this, Jyl!).

I started out with a big stack of construction paper and a pair of scissors. I spent quite a bit of time cutting out dozens of hearts in various shapes and sizes.

Valentine's Love Attack Craft

Valentine's Love Attack Craft.jpgDSC_0149

Before I knew it, I had a plethora of hearts ready.

Valentine's Love Attack Craft.jpg DSC_0179

After I finished cutting enough hearts to fill the boxes I am sending to my nieces, I added some loose glitter, and an adorable Valentine's treat from Harry & David. Everything is better with a treat, right? The Krispy Pops are a perfect addition to your love attack box. They are so cute and quite delicious! They are the perfect mixture of rice krispy treat + frosting. I am seriously drooling on my computer just thinking about it!

Valentine's Love Attack Craft.jpgDSC_0210

For my sister's love attack boxes, I added these super yummy and beautiful chocolate heart truffles. They are filled with creamy goodness and are air-brushed giving them a very artsy feel.

Valentine's Love Attack Craft.jpg DSC_0135

I am so excited to send these love attack boxes to my family and friends. Who doesn't love getting snail mail? I love how versatile these boxes can be.

How do you show your family and friends that you love them?


Delicious treats were provided by Harry & David.



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