Zion Ponderosa: Kid Activity Options for a Family Vacation

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Have you ever been on a family vacation and found your teenager or young child frowning in boredom or frustration during the middle of what you thought was a great family activity? You know the frustration of trying to find good kid activity options for a family vacation. Fear not, or frustrate not, because there is a place that has plenty of really good options: Zion Ponderosa, in southern Utah. We've talked about them alot, their great lodging,dining, wellness retreats, proximity to a ton of natural attractions, and the beauty of the park it's closest to. They offer the complete package of outdoor family entertainment.

kid activity options for a family vacation - horsebacking riding

Offered during the summer months, Zion Ponderosa's kids camps are designed for kids ages 4-11. They're provided on a daily basis Monday through Saturday. While parents and older kids do any of the other many, many exciting activities offered on-site, younger children are guided through a day of themed activities. These include pony riding, rock climbing, bungee trampolining, zip lining, swimming, and crafting. Your kids will not want for things to do.

Of course, the teenagers will have plenty of options as well, between the ATV tours, guided canyoneering expeditions, horse riding, mini-ATV's, miniature golf, full outdoor paintball course, skeet shooting, and other options offered. Guests can use their camp site, RV, or rented cabin or vacation house as home base as they engage with nature and each other in a variety of activities.

Kids' camps cost five vouchers for a full day, or three vouchers for a half day. Each voucher is $15, although guests can save over $40 if they buy them in advance in packs of 10 or more. For a full list of activities and costs, see their full pricing list.

Instead of yawns and frowns, picture smiles and laughs on your children's faces during your family vacation. Know that these can be a reality at Zion Ponderosa. They were for us when we visited recently, and took advantage of their ziplining and horseback riding. Join us!

 kid activity options for a family vacation - ziplining

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