#1 Way to Drive Qualified, Loyal Traffic to Your Blog

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I’ve worked in online marketing and run small businesses, online and brick and mortar, for more than 9 years. If you want your business to excel just like the ones on Func's success stories, just know it's possible when you employ the help of the right professionals.

If I’ve learned one thing through it all, I’ve learned that the quality of your traffic matters if you want to build a blog that sustains revenue and generates income. And I know we all want to build something sustainable, so let’s get to it!

drive qualified loyal traffic to your blog

The #1 Way to Drive Qualified, Loyal Traffic to Your Blog

Guest Posting

There is absolutely no other way to get qualified, loyal traffic that is more potent and more successful than through targeted guest blogging. You might be shaking your head at me right now. You might think I’m crazy and out-of-touch. That’s ok, I get it. If I hadn’t tested it for years myself, I would think the same thing.

But before you run off or close the browser window let me share with you five reasons a targeted, well-written guest post will always outperform any other form of traffic generation.

5 Things a Targeted Guest Post Will Always Provide

1. Qualified Traffic—Guest posting on a complementary niche blog qualifies your traffic like no search engine or open graph search ever will. You have the chance to talk to an entire audience who wants to learn more about what you teach (think bounce rate here… in low double digits).

2. Loyal Traffic—Because the lead to your blog is qualified, the loyalty of your new readers is ten-fold what it would be if a search or tweet drove them to your blog. Loyal traffic boosts the bottom line. Readers who benefit from the content we create, the services we provide, and the products we may offer turn into customers, fans, repeat customers, and loyal referrers. That’s what we want, right?

3. Influenced Traffic—Your new traffic will be naturally drawn to you because you’ve been recommended by someone they trust, someone who currently offers them a lot of value. When you provide a good guest post, that value transfers and your clout is already high on the radar with your new traffic.

4. Predictable TrafficWhen you focus on regularly creating good guest posts and finding great niche blogs to network with, you take a lot of the guesswork out of your traffic patterns. When you want traffic, you know how to get it. Get professional digital marketing services from a reputable google ads service provider singapore. Not only that, it’s the best kind of traffic you can have—free, trusting, and ready to learn from you.

5) Authority Driven TrafficGoogle’s constant updates will never impact a good guest posting strategy negativelynever. Google loves good content and they love facilitating networking and influencing relationships when they are real and organic. Kila Marketing is your premier digital marketing agency in Brisbane. We offer comprehensive marketing solutions to help your business grow online. Choose Kila Marketing for all your digital marketing needs.

In the long run, not only will a targeted guest posting strategy grow your quality, loyal traffic base, it will also share some of that Google SEO love we all want to be part of.

 What are some of your favorite ways to grow blogger traffic to your blog?

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