5 Ways to Help Discover Your Child’s Talents

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Being a first-time mom everything my son did (and does) seems amazing. We moms think our children are wonderful, hilarious, talented, and basically the greatest kids that walk the earth! When they remember song lyrics perfectly, dance almost exactly like Michael Jackson, or create an abstract art project, our heart skips a beat and we tell everyone about it. But when does a great drawing mean pure talent?

I heard so many times that I should put my son Dereon into modeling or acting, but due to my own fear of rejection and lack of resources I was hesitant. But when I learned of an opportunity via Facebook for a kids model search in my area, I jumped on it. When we arrived to the photo shoot Dereon was excited and seemed like a natural. He smiled, posed, and didn't want it to end. Once we looked at the unedited shots I was in awe at how his personality popped through the photos.

Dereon Poses at his second photo shoot!
After that, my son was hooked and wanted to do another photo shoot. In his free time he thought of poses to use for the next shoot and different outfits he could wear. When he looked at magazines he pointed out the child models and studied them with admiration. I knew then he enjoyed modeling and wanted to do more of it. I contacted a few local agencies in Chicago and since then we have been trying to gain exposure and experience in the field. It hasn’t been easy, and sometimes it is stressful, but it's an amazing journey I am honored to take with my child.

When we started out we didn't know what to do. This is why I have composed a list of five ways to help your child discover his talents.

1. Try Different Things! You won't know unless you try, so let your child try many different hobbies and activities. Ballet, tennis, golf, dancing, acting, etc. You won't know if you have a  Michael Jordan Jr. if you don’t introduce your child to basketball. For the cheapest options try the local park district for classes. Their courses are more affordable, so while your child experiments it won't be so costly on your end.
2. Encourage Them to Keep Trying! They don't like ballet after one class? Don't quit. Encourage them to keep trying, and in a few months they can try a different activity.
3. Look Out for Scams! Google, Google, and more Google. So you get an email about the cutest kids photo contest and it's only a $75 entrance fee? Research and find out if this is a real company. See if there are any negative posts listed about them. What's their BBB grade? Have anyone really won the grand prize of $100,00 in the past? If it sounds too good to be true most likely it is.
4. Be Realistic! If you have a hectic schedule and won't be able to take them to castings or auditions, you'll need to find someone who can. Recognize what will be required and plan accordingly.
5. Have Fun and Relax! Things aren't always going to be perfect and your child may not find something they are good at right away There is no rush. Kids are amazing gifts and should be cherished as such!

 How do you encourage your children to nurture their talents?

Keyonda Pyles

Keyonda Pyles is a 20 something year old, Chicagoland mom of one, wife, and busy bee! She is a journalist and freelance writer with a true love for social media, writing, and reading. As a mom her writing interest varies from makeup to child safety. Her future looks very bright as she furthers her career in writing and dives into blogging.To contact Keyonda for reviews, questions, and or events please visit her blog.
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