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6 Tips for Maximizing Buzz After Your Google Plus Hangout on Air

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You've successfully produced your well-planned Google Plus Hangout on Air and you're wanting to ensure that the buzz you've created doesn't die down. You've facilitated your Google Plus Hangout on Air without any technical difficulties and you've taken all the steps to ensure you encouraged engagement with all of your attendees. Now that you've mastered the hard part, don't hesitate to make the most of your efforts. Just because some of your community may have missed the live broadcast, doesn't mean they cannot catch it later. Continue to promote your content in an organic way, to ensure that you're able to reach all of your audience.

This is post seven in our seven-part series on why Google Plus and how to host a successful Google Plus Hangout on Air:

Lastly we'll bring you creative ways to maximize buzz for your Hangout on Air video, once your event is over.

6 Tips for Maximizing Buzz After your Google Plus Hangout on Air

1. Create video segments from your Google Plus Hangout on Air

If your Hangout on Air is more than just a few minutes long, consider using some video editing tools like Adobe Premier or iMovie to capture highlights of your Hangout on Air. Grab enlightening, humorous, or profound snippets and add an intro and outro. This video snippet could be used as a trailer to future Google Plus Hangouts on Air, or could be shared in blog posts, newsletters, or spread on any of your social media networks. Be sure to tag any participants to ensure it's visible to them, so they're able to share it as well!

Here's an example of one three and half minute Mom It Forward video segment captured from a 30-minute Google Plus Hangout on Air.

2. Use your Hangout on Air as the primary content for follow-up blog posts. 

Not each member of your audience will catch your live broadcast, and some many not even be looking for it after the fact. Some of your community members may prefer consuming your message via an article or blog post. Use your Google Plus Hangout on Air content to compose an post that shares the sentiment of your broadcast. Capture key points, insightful quotes, and exclusive messages. Organize your content so that your audience can both listen, watch, and read through what you're looking to share. Be sure to embed your Hangout on Air video directly into the post.

3. Promote your Google Plus Hangout on Air via your social media channels. 

You have varying audiences in each of your social media platforms. Grab the URL of your Google Plus Hangout on Air from your YouTube channel and share your video with your fans on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Stagger your promotion over a period of time to ensure you aren't over-sharing, and to give it various options of visibility.

Simply visit the Videos section of your YouTube channel and click on the video you're looking to share. Once clicked, grab the URL from that video's page and share away!

maximizing buzz google hangout on air

4. Take video of your recorded Hangout on Air and share on other video-friendly social platforms. 

If you're not comfortable in some of the more advanced video editing programs, consider using your smartphone to capture video of your Google Hangout on Air, straight from your computer screen. Grab the best moments and share them on Vine or Instagram for an opportunity to engage a whole different audience than you may have in any of your other social spaces. Be sure to include a call to action and a link to your blog post or actual Google Plus Hangout on Air, so your audience can access the whole broadcast.

5. Grab some candid shots or screen shots during your Google Plus Hangout on Air for future promotion. 

To add a unique point of view, or an 'insiders look' grab some candid photos as you set up your Google Plus Hangout on Air. Grab a screen shot during your broadcast or capture the set-up or production elements. Add some personal touch by sharing these photos with your community after the fact. You know your brand better than anyone. Find creative ways to give your audience a peek into the 'behind the scenes' aspect of what you're working on. Like any sharing, ensure you provide your community links to access your Google Plus Hangout on Air.

maximizing buzz google hangout on air

6. Ensure your video is optimized within YouTube. 

You've put a great deal of effort in thus far, so take the necessary steps to ensure your video can reach the widest audience possible. Optimizing your video in YouTube gives you the opportunity to get your content in front of people searching for related topics and issues, and in front of people that may not already be familiar with your brand.

Because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, don't overlook this step. Key aspects of optimizing your YouTube content include:

  • Include relevant keywords in the title of your video. If you want to include your brand name, it should go last. (Tip: Consider adding "Video" to the title for help in getting found. Try playing around with titles and keywords to see which maximizes your visibility.)
  • Write a video description that is detailed, informative, and rich with your keywords. Be sure the descriptions are creative and compelling and less than 800 characters. Remember that only the first 25-30 characters are visible in YouTube search results.
  • Include a link to your website or blog in the video description. If you have enough remaining characters, you can even include links to your most prominent social channels.
  • Optimize YouTube tags using relevant keywords. (Tip: Tags can be up to 120 characters long, so use at least 10. When composing tags, be creative and consider varying ways your topic could be searched.)
  • Create annotations within your video. Annotations compel viewers to engage with your content. They can be used to link to other videos in a series, other related content you may have, and can be used as a call-to-action to encourage your audience to visit your site or sign up for your network. (Tip: Leave annotations on screen for several seconds so your audience can capture the information.)

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