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Healthy teeth, healthy gums and now…healthy sleep?  For those who have never consulted a dentist about treatments for sleep apnea and snoring, its time to make an appointment. Dental sleep medicine is a growing segment of dentistry that focuses on managing snoring and sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy — an effective alternative to the traditionally-recommended Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and mask.

Oral appliance therapy is an effective alternative to CPAP for people who are living with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP is the recommended treatment for sleep apnea, but up to half of sleep apnea patients don’t comply with or can’t tolerate it. This is because sleeping with a CPAP machine, which includes a face mask, tubing and a constantly running motor, can be difficult. Common CPAP complaints include mask discomfort and nasal congestion, as well as protests about the relative noise and bulk of the machine.

In contrast, oral appliance therapy uses a “mouth guard-like” device — worn only during sleep — to maintain an open, unobstructed airway. Oral appliances come in many different styles, and effective devices are formed from custom dental impressions made by a dentist. Many patients like oral appliance therapy because it is comfortable, easy to wear, quiet, portable, and easy to care for. Oral appliance therapy often can equal CPAP in effectiveness and offer a higher patient compliance than CPAP.

Go to to find a dentist in your area who can help treat snoring and sleep apnea. Also, don’t forget to mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 30 and join us as we chat about “midnight madness” and solutions for scary snoring and sleep apnea.

The Prizes

This week's giveaway is all about solutions for snoring and sleep apnea. One lucky winner will receive a $250 Pottery Barn gift card to use toward brand new bedding, courtesy of AADSM (ARV: $250). There will also be an in-chat giveaway during the Twitter party. The winner of the in-chat giveaway will receive a $50 gift card ($50).

Terms and Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter. Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. ET Wednesday, October 31. See all terms and conditions here. This giveaway is available to U.S. residents only.

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