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Baby—There are many things to consider when one decides to purchase a stroller. It’s not only the baby’s needs that must be fulfilled, but the parent’s needs as well. Certainly, the stroller must be comfortable and safe for the child, but it must also fulfill the parent’s needs with regard to weight, size, transportability, storability, and maneuverability. Some of the suggestions listed below may make the process less stressful and confusing. These suggestions come from my personal experience of purchasing the First Years Wave Stroller for my babies.

How To Buy the Right Baby Stroller

  • Investigate before you begin shopping. Read up on the different types in consumer guides and publications directed at new mothers. Search the internet. Write down the specifications, model number, and name, giving you a chance to intelligently discuss what you want with a salesperson.
  • Test a stroller before you buy. If the stroller is collapsible, collapse it. Make sure there are no finger pinchers to hurt you or the baby. See how it takes tight turns. Can you lift it for storage in the car? Will it fit in your car? Are you comfortable with its sturdiness.
  • Determine child's needs. Is your child a newborn or a toddler? Toddlers usually sit up, whereas infants usually need to lie down. If the child is an infant, is the stroller a recliner? Is it well padded? Does it have a sun awning?
  • Look for adequate storage. When out with the baby in the stroller, you’ll need certain supplies: diapers, wipe cloths, water bottle for you, bottle of formula for the baby. Make sure that the stroller will hold all that you need it to hold.
  • Determine your needs. Do you jog or stroll off the beaten path? You’ve undoubtedly seen the jogging, off-road strollers with the three pneumatic tires. These strollers are highly maneuverable. They are designed to negotiate off-road terrains and minimize any shock or vibrations from affecting the child.
  • Remember that although convenience is important it is the baby’s safety that is the primary concern. Make sure that the stroller brakes will hold the wheels from rotating even when you push the stroller hard enough to drag it. Always strap the child into the stroller securely, and never leave the baby unattended.
  • Make sure that the store where you buy the stroller has a good returned goods policy. You’ll spend good money on a stroller and you should expect a quality product. Beware of warranties that require you to ship the stroller back to the manufacturer in the original carton. Buy from a store that allows returns on site.
  • Beware of two ways of acquiring a stroller: a used stroller and a well-meaning gift. Your baby’s safety is worth the investment in a new one that you have inspected and tested instead of a used one. Gifts are another matter. Hurt feelings are bound to arise if you receive a stroller as a gift, and you don’t like it. Subtly let everyone know the type of stroller you’re considering.
What did you take into consideration when buying a stroller? What needs did the stroller have to fulfill and satisfy?
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