Back-to-School Pencil Treat Containers

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Looking for a fun idea to celebrate going back to school? Here is an easy back-to-school craft you can make for your kids and their friends.   This pencil treat containers are easy to make and can be filled with anything from pencils, school supplies to candy.  They are great for the first day of school or a back-to-school party favor.

pencil treat container

Back-to-School Pencil Treat Container

Here is a list of the supplies you will need:

  • Paper towel rolls
  • Yellow paper (8 1/2 x 11)
  • Pink paper
  • Silver tape
  • Black paper
  • Double sided tape (regular tape will work fine too)
  • Treats to fill the pencil



Step 1: Cut the yellow paper in half.


Step 2: Wrap around the paper towel roll and secure with tape.



Here, you can see how much I fit in one of the pencil treat containers.


Step 3: Cut a piece of the pink paper to fit the uncovered end of your paper towel roll and secure with tape.


Once you tape the pink paper on, you can see how it is starting to look like a pencil.


Step 4:  Cut a piece of silver tape to fit around the pencil and attach it where the yellow and pink paper meet.

Step 5: Cut a square from the black paper and make a cone to fit the opening your paper towel roll.  Tape it to the inside of the "pencil"

There you have it, a "pencil" treat container.  I'll be making these a favors for our annual back to school party for my son and his friends and filling with supplies that they will need for school.



What fun crafts are you creating for Back-to-School?

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