Camera Gadget: The Easy Way to Transfer Digital Photography

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Remember the dark ages of snapping family photos? Buying film, taking it to be developed and cringing at all the shots of you with your eyes closed. Bet you thought when you got a digital camera things couldn’t get much easier than that. So did we. Until we discovered the Eye-fi wireless camera card.

This 4 gig card instantly, wirelessly transfers all of your pictures from your camera to your computer, social networks, and photo sharing sites, making it easier than ever to store and share all your shots. No more finding the correct wires and that pesky little card reader, not to mention setting aside the time you need to transfer them. In fact, we love this clever device so much it’s become one of our top picks for the best gift ever. Watch the video to find out what little known “condition” drove Carley to dig up this amazing discovery.

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