Craft Supplies: Using Mod Podge to Create Home Decor


I love working with Mod Podge! It's like glue, it's like paint, it's like magic! Mod Podge, the original all-in-one sealer, is both a glue and a finish. It's perfect for wood, paper, and fabric and is available in a gloss and a matte finish. This milky white liquid is non-toxic and cleans up with just soap and water. Plus, it dries transparent in less than 10 minutes. In other words, this item is perfect for kids! This special type of glue has been around for years and it is such a great tool to have when you want to create fun and easy craft projects at home.

Today, I'm going to teach you how to make an easy project to decorate your home.


  • Patterned paper
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Mod Podge Glue
  • Canvas


  1. Cut out your desired shapes from coordinating patterned paper.
  2. Lay the shapes on your canvas in the approximate place where you would like them to be.
  3. Pick each piece up and coat the back with Mod Podge like glue. Stick it back down. It's fine if the edges curl a bit.
  4. Paint or draw in any additional details.
  5. Use your paint brush to coat the entire canvas with Mod Podge once everything is stuck down (and dry if you've painted).
  6. Paint directly over your cut out shapes, smoothing down any curled edges.
  7. Allow the canvas to dry and voila! You have a wonderful piece of modern art for your home.

Have you ever worked with Mod Podge? What are some of your favorite items that you have created using Mod Podge?

Kelly Loubet is the founder of the blog Everyday Childhood. She’s a mother of two that loves to create, write and share her passion. Kelly is the President of the Arizona Chapter of Mom It Forward. Each month she devotes time to charitable giving in her community. In her other life… she’s the Social Media Marketing Manager for Social2B, where she helps brands develop their social media marketing strategy. Follow her on Twitter @childhood.

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