Disneyland’s “World of Color – Winter Dreams”

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What do you get when you combine 1200 programmed water fountains, 27 thousand digital controlling channels, the possibility of 16.2 million color combinations, all with the magic of the holidays? You get Disneyland's "World of Color - Winter Dreams," of course! Skip town and the hustle and bustle of all of those holiday parties and spend some of your season at Disneyland! Not only will you get the benefits of all that walking, you'll also get to see a brand new World of Color show!


Disneyland During the Holidays

You may think you're visiting Disneyland for all the typical reasons, but if you make it to the parks before January 6, 2014, be sure to schedule time to take in this fantastic new show! The amazing producers of the beloved "World of Color" fountain and light show at California Adventure have created a magical holiday show for the guests that brings to life the season with amazing music, images, and color!


Familiar Faces, Old and New

Hosted by Olaf the snowman from Disney's newest animated feature "Frozen," guests are treated to scenes from a variety of our favorite Disney films. If you're one of the eight million guests that's had the privilege of seeing the original "World of Color", you're in for even more advanced music, color usage, and special effects with "Winter Dreams." If you thought the show's dancing fountains and vibrant projections were amazing before, just wait until you see those things combined with the warmth of the holiday season!

In addition to the familiar faces of our favorite Disney characters, the folks at Disney teamed up with Grammy-winning composer Eric Whitacre to produce a new song specifically written for this show. If that isn't cool enough on it's own, the piece is performed by the "World of Color Virtual Honor Choir," a choir formed by choosing more than 1,400 hundred submissions from across the country. Comprised of 150 members, this amazing one-of-a-kind choir is brought together digitally through the absolute wonders of technology.


The amazing light and water display flows through Christmas and Hanukkah, as well as a specially composed "Toy Story" version of The Nutcracker, and even includes a couple of Disney favorites. "Winter Dreams" wouldn't be "Winter Dreams" without two songs from Disney's "Frozen." Who wouldn't want a warm hug right about now?


The New Effects

Curious about the new effects? While the show itself consumes the entire "World of Color" bay, new effects also spread the beauty of the show onto Paradise Pier and California Screamin' with a grid of colors. Nearly 700 high-powered LED strobe lights now line the speedy roller coaster and six huge 'snow generators' are built into the viewing area. These amazing generators create giant, floating snowflakes over the crowd.


It took three months of programming from this control room to create this new show and the folks at Disneyland never seem to disappoint! With projection that features over 17 million pixels (a standard high definition television only has about 2 million pixels) the images could not seem more alive!

Program room

Did we mention that this year Disney has infrared programmed ears that can be purchased in the parks that synchronize with the show through in-time commands from the show's producers and programmers? You won't just be watching the show, you'll be part of the show!

Thank you for warming our holiday season beyond compare, Disneyland! We can always count on you!


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