DIY: How to Make a Chevron Room Divider or Dressing Screen

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I have a pretty big bedroom. Which is nice because I can fit my desk and a small book shelf in the corner and it barely takes up any space. It also means I have to have my desk and a small book shelf in the corner of my room. I like to have my bedroom uncluttered; a place to come and relax and not think about the outside world.

How to Make a Chevron Room Divider or Dressing Screen

That's hard when my computer is sitting there, begging me to connect to the outside world. The stack of to-do lists, bills to be paid, and papers to go through don't scream relax, either; they scream something entirely different.

I have been wanting a room divider for quite some time, and around Christmas my husband actually made me the frames for one.

How to Build a Dress Screen or Room Divider

It is an easy tutorial to follow, and you don't even need the Kreg Jig that he used, unless you want the pretty pocket holes. Well, I am actually going to cover up those pretty pocket holes with even prettier fabric from Riley Blake Designs.

I chose the Navy Chevron. Riley Blake has just about any color you can imagine, so it was very hard to narrow it down to one.

This room divider will eventually be used as a dressing screen for my almost tween daughter (How am I old enough to have an 8 year old?) since we are moving this summer to a house with an office (hopefully). For now, though, it makes my bedroom the retreat I wanted. It's pretty to look at while sitting in bed reading a book or talking with my husband. It also hides the outside world, which is contained on my desk.

To make this divider, the sewing was the easiest part!

How to Make a Chevron Room Divider - Screen Frames

The pattern went across the fabric, which would normally be okay, but since I was making long panels, I had to make it longer. I just cut the fabric in half and sewed the pieces on top of each other to make it long enough.

I had to take the screen apart by removing the hinges. I then measured how much fabric I would need for each screen.

Then I cut the fabric into the correct size for each screen frame, leaving a fairly large overlap since I wanted it to wrap around the frame.

Then, using the staple gun and my hubby to help me hold the fabric tight, I stapled it on to the frames.

Make a Chevron Room Divider - Put the Fabric On

After the fabric was on, we put the hinges back on, right over the fabric and stood it up.

Ta-da! Desk gone, pretty room divider instead!

How to Make a Chevron Room Divider or Dressing Screen - Before and After

 How have you separated your home life and workspace within your own house?

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