DIY Spider Earrings


Halloween is all about costumes... but even if you aren't in a head-to-toe costume, you can still get into the spirit with a little festive Halloween Jewelry. These spider earrings are simple to make, and so fun to wear!

Make your own spider earrings for Halloween

Supplies to Make Halloween Spider Earrings:

Supplies to make spider earrings for Halloween

Start by removing the backs of the buttons. Clip off the shank with the jewelry pliers, as close to the spider body as possible.

clip off button shank spider button

Use the sandpaper or emery board to sand away any excess. If you scrape off paint, you can use black paint and a paintbrush to cover it up.

Sand away area from the button of spider

Using a small jewelry drill, drill a hole into the spider.

Drill hole into spider for earring attachment

Clip the eye pins to about half the length of the spider's torso.

trim eye pins

Test fit the eye pin, then use Krazy glue to secure it in place.

glue post into spider

Repeat with the second spider.

Spider with eye pin - make the second earring

Cut your chains to the length you would like (2-3 inches works great), then attach each to an earring wire.

Attach chain to earring wire for the Halloween earring

Attach the chains to the spiders using jump rings.

Attach chain to spider to create the dangling Halloween earring

Wear your fun, dangly spider earrings, and make a second set to give to a friend!

Where will you wear these charming, spooky, spider earrings?

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