DIY Thanksgiving Garland


Do you want a Thanksgiving garland that you can make yourself? Whether you are a crafter or not, this banner will be easy for kids to make. True Confession: I'm not one for holidays.

*Gasp* I know!

I know!


DIY Thanksgiving Banner with Feathers

Holidays kind of give me stress hives because, well, it seems like you need to make eleventy billion decorations by hand, bake and cook numerous dishes from scratch, and maintain holiday cheer all while making all this stuff!

I want to lay down just thinking about it.

But my daughter is now four-years-old.  And she notices things like holidays.  And holiday decor.  And she wants in on it.  Since I don't want my kids to grow up devoid of all holiday cheer, I'm making it my goal to do holiday things (Like DIY Thanksgiving invites!) that are easy, don't require Martha Stewart-level craft knowledge, and, hey, inspire us all to work at something together for fun.

DIY Thanksgiving Garland Supplies

Since this is the first year my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving, Kate and I decided to whip up a Thanksgiving garland to hang on the mantle.  I wanted something simple looking and easy to put together.  One trip to the craft store later, and we had our garland plan.

Supplies for your DIY Thanksgiving Garland

  • Jute twine
  • Feathers, assorted sizes and colors (or go for monochromatic)
  • Scissors
  • Thin hemp cord in colors that coordinate with your feathers

Directions For Making Your DIY Thanksgiving Garland

  1. Measure out and cut your twine.  This is what you will attach to your mantle (or where ever you wish to hang your garland), so make it long enough to cover your space.
  2. Start laying out feathers.  (I suggest doing this in the floor so you'll have more space.)  Kate and I messed around with the pattern we wanted to create.  You can do this however you like.  This was a great opportunity to have her practice counting and making patterns (light feather, dark feather, white feather, etc...). Make a DIY Thanksgiving Banner Using Feathers
  3. Attach your feathers to the twin with thin twine cord.  Simply cut a small piece of the twine cord and tie your feather to the twine.  You could also hot glue the stems of the feathers to the twine, but I think the cord is a stronger option.
  4. Hang up your garland and enjoy!

Use Feathers to Make a DIY Thanksgiving Banner

I love the look of the feathers.  Festive without being too much.  I think this previously holiday-phobic gal might be changing her tune!

How would you make a DIY Thanksgiving Garland?  You could attach pine cones to give it even more texture!

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