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Does Dating Your Partner Improve Your Relationship?

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Angie guest posts, she is the mom in charge of the Seven Clown Circus. She has 5 children and enjoys volunteer work. She is a moderator on a support site for parents of monoamniotic twins and enjoys freelance writing.

I look forward to dates. I really, really do.

My husband and I haven't always dated. Of course, we did when we were.......well, dating. And then we got married and started having babies, and the dates just sort of ended. It happened so gradually that I didn't notice....for years in fact.

Finally, we decided that that needed to change. We wanted it to change, and it was one of the best things we did for our marriage. We started dating.

  • Going out on dates gives us both a chance to get "dolled up" for each other. It gives us an opportunity to really take time on our appearance and wear clothing that we might not at work or at home with children. I know I feel great when I get to wear "sexy" jeans and heels and leave the house without an entourage.
  • Going out on dates gives us an opportunity to reconnect. To talk about things that are important to us. To have a converstation that we don't have to worry about being overheard by little ears. It gives us a chance to laugh and have fun without interruption.
  • Going out on dates allows us an opportunity to hold hands and show public displays of affection. Admit it. When those public displays of affection are G rated, it feels pretty darn special.


Dates are good for us individually and as a partnership, and they don't have to be fancy or expensive.My perfect date is the one where I feel good about myself, connect with my partner, feel rejuvenated afterwards, and know that the date helped my relationship move forward. My perfect date is fun.

So, grab your partner, arrange for a sitter if you need to, and go out and do whatever it is that's fun for the two of you. And enjoy yourselves. Don't forget to do it often!

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