Easy DIY: How to Fix a Broken Zipper Pull

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Today I'm going to show you how to easily save and fix a broken zipper and give your zippers a fun accessory. These will work for a zipper that's pull has snapped in half, broken off totally, or you can use them to just add a little spice to a non-broken zipper!

Broken Zipper

How to Fix Broken Zipper Pulls



  • A sheet of felt
  • Thin Ribbon
  • Batting (optional)



Let's get started!


First you need to cut out the shape for your pull. I folded the felt in half so that I cut through both layers to get the front and the back of my pull in one cute. Any shape will work, but remember, we have to sew these together and they're pretty small, so less complicated is better.

Cut out zipper pull shape


Cut a 3" strip of ribbon and thread it through the zipper. On the zipper below, the pull broke in half, so I was able to utilize a portion of the existing metal pull. If the metal pull totally came off, just loop it through the hole that the zipper pull normally attaches to.

Thread ribbon


Next, take a teeny-tiny amount of stuffing and sandwich between the two layers. This is totally optional, I just like to give my zipper pull a little puffy look.

Sandwich batting between felt


 Place the ribbon between the two pieces of felt (in with the stuffing).

Insert ribbon


 Pin it all together and carefully sew around the outer edges.

Pin together

That's it!  Now you don't have to fuss around with that broken zipper, it moves just as smoothly as before!

Heart Shaped Zipper Pull


These are great for jackets, backpacks and hoodies!

Happy Creating! ~Kim

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