Fashion Trends: 4 Ways to Incorporate Emerald Into Your Life

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Trends—Emerald green was announced as the Pantone color for 2013. Emerald is described as meaning lively, lush, and radiant. When I first read what the color for this year was, I thought to myself how I was incorporating it into my wardrobe or home and quickly realized that I wasn't incorporating it at all! Green hues can give feelings of renewal,life, hope, and freshness. Who doesn't want those feelings? I am excited to start adding some emerald products to my wardrobe and house!

4 Ways to Add Emerald to Your Life

1. Wardrobe + Accessories

Whether it's a new dress, iPad case, or cute new pumps, there are SO many options in emerald. Here are a few products that I would love to add to my wardrobe/house:


2.Kitchen Gadgets

You can add a pop of color to your kitchen by adding emerald mugs, plates, or bowls. Area rugs, an emerald vase with flowers, or table mats are also an easy way to add this color to your home.

3. Decor

In an article published by, interior designer Joanna Gick says about emerald, “I actually love it. I think it’s great with navy, blacks, and golds, and it’s even pretty with purple. It kind of feels rich to me. I mean, green is the color of money, right? It feels upscale — like something you’d find at a country club.”


4. Words

I love a lot of the meanings that emerald is associated with: wealth, environment, renewal. Those are all great things to incorporate into your life! I am thinking of adding some of those characteristics to my vision board to bring them more into my life!


How are you going to incorporate emerald into your life this year?

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