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Family Forward: Slow Down and Connect, at Universal Orlando Resort

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As we walked the pathway toward the turnstiles, the crowd thickened. The buzz of excitement was almost palpable as the families excitedly waited their turn through the gates. The resort employees greeted everyone like old friends coming back for a reunion and, with the utmost sincerity, wished us each a great day.

Their excitement was contagious as we stepped through the entrance into the hustle and bustle onto the streets of the Universal Orlando Resort. The transformation of the scenery was astonishing. Stepping through the famous Universal arch into the resort lands you smack in the middle of Hollywood, then San Francisco, and even New York City, all in the same leisurely walk. The park is so well designed that you often cannot even see people lined up for rides but feel rather like you've stepped onto a movie set.


While the resort itself is a sight to see, the resort employees make a big impact as well. You know the people that exude passion and excitement? You know, the ones that radiate their interests and clamor to share their enthusiasm with everyone around them? I’m pretty sure they include that as a prerequisite before starting a job with the Universal Orlando Resort.

Greeted on every corner and at the entrance of every ride, these amazing people meet each guest like they've been expecting them.

This past summer, Mom It Forward’s Family Forward event allowed a host of social media influencers and their families to descend upon the Universal Orlando Resort. With a mission to strengthen individuals, help parents raise kids with character, and encourage families to better the communities around them, Family Forward was planned to champion the effort to change the world one family at a time with this inaugural annual event all centered on building super hero families.

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With workshops, speakers, and activities all focused entirely on building families and bringing them together, the Universal Orlando Resort couldn't have been a better backdrop. Between the family-friendly nature of the park, the outstanding resort employees looking to help, the affordable dining choices and the options galore, families could step into the event with a focus on simply connecting.


Watching parents set aside the stresses and worries of the typical grind to spend time together and play was inspiring. Watching children meet with their favorite super heroes like Spiderman, the Transformers, and Gru, gave us all an opportunity to remember what it was like to be a kid and to see the magic in the every day. Between the passion of the parents and the sincerity and concern of the park employees, we can easily see what matters most.

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Life is complicated. Life is busy. Life is demanding and consuming, but if we really want to make the most of it, despite what may be whirling and swirling around us, we can find time to connect.

Find a moment to share a passion. Make a memory. Share a memory. Share what excites you. Show your sincerity and concern for others. Treat everyone, even family, like they’re the most important people in your day. Watch for the moments that matter and soak them in. Look for those moments each and every day.

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Thank you, Universal Orlando Resort and Family Forward. Thank you for reminding me about what really matters and helping me to refocus more on the type of person I want to be.

Thank you for reminding me that connection enhances life.

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