Game Night: How to Throw a Family Game Night

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Have you ever thought of doing a Family Game Night on a regular basis as a purposeful way of spending time together, without spending tons of money, but with thought put into what makes a fun evening? How would it affect your family? It really doesn't have to take as much effort as you might think. Consider these ideas offered by tweeters at a February Girls' Night Out party on Twitter, sponsored by Big G Retro Cereals and Atari.

For one thing, many families are turning to video games as an easy way to have fun together, the benefits of which are being substantiated by recent research. Many parents have fond memories of early Atari games, want to incorporate that experience into their family time somehow, and find that their kids are game for gaming as well. Four-player games, especially when played on a Wii or Xbox Kinect 360, can be a great facilitator of family time. Here are some recommended family titles:

Tweeter @GeekDad248 let us know that Atari has some of their greatest hits available to play at, as well as downloadable-to-iPhone-and-Android versions. Every family is different, but generally, the games that have humor, entertainment, or exercise as their core element, rather than competition, are best for family fun nights.

@Monnie311 says she has a family game night every week, with either video or board games. For an "unplugged" family night, you can of, course break, out the Uno, Phase 10, or face cards, but you can also try multi-player, less-competitive games like Mad Gab (hilarious, by the way) and Apples to Apples. Families with older children may want to try Settlers of Catan.

Of course, if gaming's not your thing, there's also Family Cooking Night, Family Art Night (talked about over at, and Family Read-a-thon Night. The important elements are interaction and doing something the majority of you enjoy.




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