Family Relationships: The Importance of Keeping Your Family Close


We live in a world where moms and dads wish they could figure out how to be in two or three places at one time. We are always on the go dropping off one kid here and another kid there. Parents are caught up in the "busyness" of keeping the kids involved and lose focus of the most important part of family — spending quality time together.

We, as parents, are so busy keeping our kids busy that we may not really know our children. We talk about our day in passing from one activity to the next but often do not take the time to discuss our children’s lives. Some kids are great at hiding emotions, grades, or problems. So, let’s slow down, spend quality time together, and get to know our kids!

I am as guilty as the next when it comes to being an on-the-go mom. I feel like keeping my kids involved in activities will help them understand the importance of team work, giving 110 percent, and responsibility.

I have come to realize that making time for the family is important. The kids are involved in one activity each, which still keeps us very busy. We find ways to spend quality time together that interest everyone. We watch football and baseball, play volleyball in the front yard, play card games or dominoes, go bowling, or just sit around a bond fire together and talk. I love to take the kids to school every morning — it is our special time to talk. It is amazing what you can learn about your child on the way to school!

Spending family time together is very important for your children. While the extra sports and activities are great for the kids, they need to have a relationship with mom and dad. It is important for parents to know their kids — know them well enough to see when they are happy and even when they are sad or have a problem. Take advantage of free time with your kids and get them talking!

How do you keep your family? What is your favorite part of the day with your kids?

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Robin Greene is a mother of two teenagers, a wife and a Kindergarten teacher. Robin enjoys spending as much time with her family as possible. She also enjoys teaching, participating in church activities and freelance writing for  Your little one will be the talk of the town in their unique baby clothes, cute baby hat or beautiful tutu.

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