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Family Traditions: How to Set Up an Easter Egg Hunt

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Looking for a holiday activity for the entire family this Easter? Get creative with your Easter egg hunting. Easter egg hunts are a fun tradition for everyone in the family. Remember there are different levels of extremes for everything. Make the hunt harder for older kids and easier for younger kids.

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How to set up an Easter Egg Hunt for the Entire Family



  • Invite family and friends to participate and inform them of time and location.
  • Provide all participants with an Easter basket to carry their eggs.
  • Make a note of where you are hiding the eggs and how many you put out for easy cleanup afterwards.
  • Determine what eggs you want to hide. Small chocolate eggs will be harder to find and be covered easier by grass. Large plastic eggs will be easier to find and see. Consider filling plastic eggs with objects other than candy such as stickers or coins.

Set up

  • Consider your location. Backyards are a great place to start but as children get older they want more of a challenge. Move to larger fields or parks and then to more wooded areas. The larger the area the more challenging it will be.  Be sure to stay safe by keeping away from dangers such as areas by water or electricity and inform your participants of the boundaries.
  • Place your eggs strategically around your location. Place plenty scattered on the lawn so the young children can just pick them up off the ground. Start moving them higher and tie them onto fences and trees. Make it a rule that the older kids can’t pick up the eggs off the ground or anywhere below their knees.
  • Don’t only make the eggs hard to obtain but hard to find. For younger kids, help them think outside of the box by hiding them inside pots or behind trees and statues so they aren’t seen at first sight. For older kids place the eggs higher in the trees or buried under brush so eggs can only be seen at a certain vantage point.


To conclude, count everyone’s eggs to see who collected the most. You can let everyone keep their eggs or collect them, separate them all evenly and give the person with the most an extra prize. Another idea is to fill plastic eggs with numbers and at the end, open them up to see who has the largest sum of collected numbers.


What Easter Traditions does your family have?

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