How to Find Halloween Costumes on a Budget


Halloween costumes are such a tough item on which to spend money - especially if you are trying to live frugally. With a little out-of-the-box thinking you can find costumes for less than you spend on this year's Halloween candy!

Unless your kids play dress up daily, they may wear their costumes just once a year and the prices of Halloween costumes today can be too much to spend on a one-time outfit. If you walk into the Disney store or one of the many Halloween-themed stores popping up this time of year, you might walk out spending over $50 just for a costume to make your little goblins smile.

There are lots of ways to find low-cost Halloween costumes. They might take a little more work and planning but can be well worth it for your wallet!

How to find halloween costumes on a budget

1. Make your own- I know you might be cringing at this one, especially if your sewing skills are as "good" as mine but there are so many easy costume ideas out there. With the rise of Pinterest there has been a new wave of easy DIY and no-sew costume ideas. Spend some time scrolling through the ideas and you're sure to find something you can do.

2. Shop off-season- My kids love to dress up so we always stock up on dress up costumes after Halloween is over. You can find awesome Halloween costumes for next year at prices under $10 in the weeks following Halloween, especially at places like The Disney Store and Target.

Finding cheap halloween costumes

3. Check thrift and second-hand stores- This is my favorite thing to do. You can find amazing, never-worn costumes at resale shops that specialize in kid's clothes or places like The Salvation Army or Goodwill. It can take some digging and often they only carry costumes right before or right after Halloween but it is well worth the time. We refill our dress-up bin for a few dollars per costume every time I go.

4. Have a swap party- Talk to your neighbors or relatives about their stock of costumes. Chances are you are all hanging on to boxes of costumes your kids have only worn once. You could all plan an evening to dump the bins of costumes and let the kids "shop" for something almost-new. The kids get the costumes they want and all of you get to clear out some storage space. It's a win for everyone!

What's your best tip for finding costumes without blowing your Christmas budget?


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