Five Ways to Start Your Day Off on the Right Foot

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I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not a morning person. I'm also not a sleep in person either. Because I go to bed so late, I like to crawl out of bed at around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. My one and a half year old has other plans for me every morning. I usually hear him start to wake up around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. My first thought? Why so early every morning? My second thought? Coffee ... and lots of it. So, when Dunkin' Donuts shared the amazing news that Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee K-Cup® Pods are now available in stores, I could hardly contain my excitement. I knew that having those K-Cups in my pantry ready to enjoy every morning would help me start my day off on the right foot.


Five Ways to Start Your Day Off on the Right Foot

1.) Be Prepared

Mornings can be hectic. Trying to get the kids off to school, squeeze in a shower, make lunches, etc. ... how does one do it all? If you prepare the night before by making lunches and setting out clothes, you'll be a few steps ahead of the game in the morning.

2.) Follow a Routine

I'm all about routines. Have a family meeting and decide on the shower schedule, breakfast schedule, and chore schedule in the morning (who's going to walk the dog, who's going to clean up the breakfast plates, etc.). Then, place the schedule so that it's visible to everyone. Next, follow the routine. Sure, not every morning will be exactly the same. But, if you have a schedule that everyone agrees to you, you'll not only teach responsible but also accountability.

3.) Get Plenty of Sleep

In other words, go to bed early. This has always been my biggest problem. Since I'm a work-at-home, stay-at-home mom, I often find myself hopping on the computer after my son goes to bed and will lose track of time until the clock strikes 1:00 a.m. Yikes. I need to be a lot better at setting a timer so that I knew when I need to shut down the computer and crawl into bed. Sleep is so important and I never get enough. If I were to get more sleeps, those early morning wake up calls would be so much easier to take. Who's with me on this?

4.) Make Your Bed

I'm a firm believer that beds should be made as soon as you get out of bed. There's nothing like walking into a room with a nicely made bed. And trust me, there's nothing like crawling into a bed at night that is nicely made. Think about a stay at a hotel. Your bed is made every day. Isn't it the best when you walk into the room and see a made bed and then get to crawl into the bed at the end of the night? In only a few minutes, you can have a bed that is made, welcoming, and relaxing.

5.) Enjoy Breakfast

Pour yourself a bowl of cereal and add some fruit, fix yourself a bowl of oatmeal, sip on orange juice, make a smoothie ... do whatever will fuel you for the morning and help you make it to lunch. For me, I love to start off my day with a bowl of cereal and berries, a few sips of water, and a steaming hot mug of coffee. And that's where Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee K-Cups® come into play. With a push of a button, I can have a warm mug off coffee that will comfort me, as well as give me the energy I need to take care of my son, get the house ready, squeeze in work, and power through until the lunch hour. The best part about the K-Cups is that I almost always require a second cup of coffee during the afternoon. In just a minute, I can have another cup of coffee that tastes great and energizes my body and mind.

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So, where can you pick up the K-Cups? The Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee K-Cup® Pods you love are available in the coffee aisle of the grocery store! No measuring or filters, just pop your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cup® pod in your Keurig brewer and enjoy a delicious, flavorful cup in no time at all!

The best part? There are a variety of flavors that include Original Blend, Dunkin' Decaf, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Dunkin’ Donuts Bakery Series® Chocolate Glazed Donut flavors. Be sure to stop by your local store and pick some up today. Your morning routine (and family) will thank you. Oh, and if you feel inclined to share your love of this product on social media, include the #DunkinKcupLove hashtag.

What is part of your morning routine?

Disclaimer: We were compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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