Foreign Language: Tools for Learning a New Language

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Want to learn a new language but aren’t sure where to start? There are many resources that can help you as you begin to learn the language. Here are some tools and ideas to help you understand and communicate in the language.

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Tools for Learning a New Language


  • Books in your native language and the language you are trying to learn. Compare back and forth the sentences trying to understand the new words from the context before looking them up.
  • A language dictionary will help you learn vocabulary words and will be useful when you don’t know a word. Start at the beginning and start checking off words as you learn them.
  • Note cards with words or phrases on the front and a description on the back are perfect for carrying around with you and flipping through whenever you have a few extra seconds.
  • Use new words and phrases you have learned throughout the day.
  • Practice speaking out loud to help with your pronunciation.
  • Practice grammar by writing out sentences with appropriate grammar principles and then practice reading them out loud. Pay attention to word order and word parts.
  • Practice writing the language in personal notes and reminders.

What tools do you use to learn a language?

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