13 Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

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Do you love or love to avoid wrapping Christmas presents? If the latter, these 13 holiday gift wrapping tips will make gift wrapping a breeze this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

One of my favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas is wrapping holiday gifts. Yes! I just said that. I absolutely love wrapping packages. It doesn't matter how old I get, wrapping a present is almost as fun as actually opening one. So, when Ritz reached out to me to share a cute "Rapping" video on the topic of gift wrapping as part of their Ritz Holiday Parade campaign, I said YES in all caps! Whether you love or love to avoid gift wrapping, this quick video will bring a smile to your face. The look on the shopper's faces were priceless. I can't imagine if something like that happened at my mall!

13 Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

Beautifully wrapped gifts are a great way to give your loved ones a one-of-a-kind package for the holidays. But, if you are not prepared, wrapping can be overwhelming and stressful, which is why I've compiled 13 holiday gift wrapping tips. If you're not like me and you dread wrapping Christmas presents, by following these tips, you too can find the joy in the process without all the stress.

13 Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips 1. Don't wait until the last minute to wrap your presents. I have been guilty of waiting until the last minute to wrap presents and it really takes the fun out of it. Don't procrastinate! Wrap your presents right after you purchase them. You don't have to put the ribbon and bow on it at this time, just wrap them in your favorite paper and put a sticky note on the present so you know who it is for when you go to make a card later. This will also keep little ones from seeing what they are getting for Christmas.

2. Make sure you have all the right tools. Searching all over the house for the scissors and tape has got to be one of the most frustrating parts to wrapping Christmas presents. Keep wrapping paper, tape, scissors, ribbons, gift tags, and tissue paper in one bin. That way, you'll have everything at your finger tips when you are ready to start. Once you are done wrapping for the season, you can easily pack it away and know where it all is for the next year.

3. Purchase and use a tape dispenser. There is nothing more frustrating than running out of tape or having it get stuck on the roll when you are trying to cut a piece. To avoid this, buy a tape dispenser from your local office supply store. You can purchase a good one for under $10. Also,  buy the replacement tape in bulk so you have several rolls on hand.

4. Customize your wrapping paper. For immediate family members, assign each person a certain color of wrapping paper. That way, you won't have to worry about adding gift tags. This is a really fun way to differentiate who gets what present and to personalize your packages.

5. Choose a wrapping paper color scheme. As I mentioned early, I am a little particular with wrapping paper. I like all my designs and colors to match. I either go with all red and white or I use greens and reds. I am a snowman fanatic so one year I wrapped all my gifts in snowman wrapping paper. It was so much fun! If you like to wrap your Santa presents, choose a special Santa paper each year. When you are done with your paper, consider swapping with your friends so you have something different to use for next year.

6. Make our own wrapping paper. If you like the homemade look, try buying white wrapping paper and stamping it with your favorite shapes. For the holidays you could use wreathes, Christmas trees, holly, polka dots or stripes. This would be a fun project to include the kids in on. Making your own paper shows how much thought and time you went into each wrapping job.

7. Buy a high quality wrapping paper. If you choose to buy wrapping paper, make sure it is quality paper. If your gift wrap is too thin, it will tear easily and you will be frustrated. I like to purchase paper that is double sided. This typically has gives you more options when wrapping and is also thicker than most brands.

8. Put your present in a box. Items that don't come in a box, such as a piece of clothing, should always be put in a box with tissue paper. The box will give you nice edges that you can wrap easily.

9. Cut the perfect size paper for your gift. The secret to wrapping the perfect present is to not use too much paper. If your paper is too long on the ends, it will add unwanted bulk and bulge. Roll out your paper and place your box in the middle of it. Cut just enough paper to cover your box. Cut excess paper before you begin to tape. Fold paper around your box so the seams at on the bottom of your package. Secure the paper to the box. Fold ever so slightly so it has a nice crease. Flatten the paper to the box, and fold the wings in on each side of the box. Flatten the seems. Crease the paper so it is secure and so it gives you nice seams.

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10. Buy pre-made bows or make your own. Learning how to make a bow is a skill. There are many tutorials on the internet that can help. Avoid buying the stiff plastic bows if you can. A hand tied bow is always prettier. When you are purchasing ribbon, make sure you get the kind with wire. It is much easier to shape and mold a ribbon that has a nice consistency to it.

11. Use twine or tape. If you don't have a ribbon or bow for your package, use twine. This can add a real natural look to your gift. Another fun idea is to use Duct tape or Washi tape. There are so many fun designs and patterns you can use and this will give your package a trendy feel to it.

12. Add embellishment to your package. I love it when a package has a fun ornament or object tied to it. This can be part of the tag or in addition to the tag. Be creative here. Go to your local craft store or dollar store and think embellishments. You will be amazed at what you can find. Here are a few of my favorite embellishments: festive floral pics, live garland, an ornament, a small toy or object that goes with your wrapping paper.

13. Make your own gift tags. Making your own unique tags by cutting, stamping, punching, or printing out your own designs can be a lot of fun. You can also make a tag with your child's picture on it to personalize each gift.

What are your tried and true holiday gift wrapping tips?



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