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Ingredients for the Perfect Super Bowl Party

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It's that time of year again: game time! And with Super Bowl XLVIII nearly upon us – it will be played Sunday, Feb. 2 in New Jersey – that means it's time to start prepping for your annual Super Bowl party. After all, what better excuse to gather around with friends and family and eat way too much food than the Big Game? A Super Bowl party is not to be taken lightly, however. People have choices when it comes to where to watch the game, and you want to make sure that you properly incentivize them! If you want your Super Bowl party to be a success, make sure that you've got your bases covered!


Throwing the Perfect Super Bowl Party

The essentials include:

Food and Drink

Let's face it, in the gastronomically sophisticated world that is 2014, vegetable trays and frozen buffalo wings will no longer cut it. If you're planning a Super Bowl party, one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself from the crowd is by skipping the staples altogether. But what should you make in place of traditional game day food?

Instead of corn chips and store-bought salsa, think about putting out pita chips and queso dip in its place (no Super Bowl party would be complete without a bowl of warm queso dip!). Instead of burgers and hotdogs, why not try something a bit more exotic, like Mahi Mahi sliders or wood plank salmon? And instead of your typical big brand light beers, why not try some local craft beers from your hometown? The craft brewery scene grows bigger and bigger with each year, and there's no shortage of drinks to try!

Give your guests something to talk about on the way home besides the game! Food can make or break a party.


This is an absolute essential. If you don't have ample seating for everyone that you have invited to your party, you should either

  1. Not have the party in the first place; or
  2. Take steps to address the seating arrangement so everyone can sit.

The big game is a test of endurance and stamina for those watching just as much as it is for the players. With mandatory commercial breaks, a half-time show that seems to get longer with each passing year, and teams sure to use every timeout available to them, the Super Bowl can easily surpass three hours in length. Don't make people stand the whole time!

Pre- and Post-game Entertainment

Keeping your guests entertained is important, as they will likely be at your home for several hours before and after the game. If you don't have some entertainment options lined up, you may find that the conversation will run dry long before the game starts. When it comes to entertainment, you want to consider who is coming to the party. Will there be children? Is it a gaming crowd? Some entertainment options include:

  • Video Games – If it's an adult crowd, you might want to consider a battle royale with a first-person shooter such as Call of Duty; if it's a mixed crowd, something like Mario Party on the Nintendo Wii might be more appropriate.
  • Board/Card Games – Whether you find yourself in a heated game of Settlers of Cataan or gather around a hexagonal table covered in green felt for a game of poker, board games and card games can be fun for all ages.
  • Pick-up Football – There is perhaps no better way to pass the time on Super Bowl Sunday than by playing a game of touch football. Bust out the pig skin (or the Nerf) and aim for the end zone!

Food and drink are important, and having ample seating and a large television should be considered something of a pre-requisite, but your pre- and post-game entertainment options will ultimately be what turns game day into a party.


Even if your team isn't playing, that isn't stopping you from decorating for the big game. If you have children, you can even turn these decorations into crafts, and make them with your kids. Good ideas for decorations include:

  • Flags or pennants for each team
  • Hand-drawn goal posts that can be put up on opposite ends of the room
  • Streamers in team colors
  • Super Bowl poster for your football pool

You can even make your own Super Bowl party photo booth by putting up a simple background and incorporating fun props – the possibilities are endless! Don't focus all of your energy on the food and entertainment only to leave your house looking drab and colorless!

What elements do you need to create the perfect super bowl party?

Author Bio: Stephen Reynolds is a freelance journalist who covers shopping, entertainment and all things lifestyle. He is also an editor at www.UpwardOnward.com.  Follow him on Twitter at @sreynoldswrites.

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