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Since fall is in full swing it's time to take advantage of all those leaves and turning them into a learning opportunity. Take a hike with the kids or just head out into your yard to check out the fall colors then head back inside for one of these fun learning activities. No matter what age your kids are, you can use the falling leaves to enhance their learning. Here are a few fun ideas to get your kids into the season that require little to no prep work and simple supplies you have around the house, I promise! Leaf learning activities - plus a free printable! 1. Color sorting - Let the kids gather up a brown bag full of leaves. Have them spread out the leaves they've found and sort them by color, shape or size. This is a great activity for early learners and helps sharpen those sorting skills!

2. Tracing - A great way to work on eye-hand coordination and pencil grip is to practice tracing. Once your kids have gathered a few leaves, give them crayons and paper and let them trace the shapes of the leaves they've found.

3. Leaf learning families - You can use leaf shapes to help the kids practice so many different skills. If you are currently working on word families or rhyming words, this printable is a great way to help reinforce what they are currently learning and give it a fall feel. Leaf word family printable Leaf learning activity printable - language and fall leaves. 4. Season session - Explain the four seasons and how leaves go through their different stages of color throughout the year. Letting the kids find green, orange/red and brown leaves and helping them decide which season they go with with gives a concrete example of how the seasons change.

5. Scavenger hunt - Give each of your kids a list of things to find outside, making sure to create the list so that they are working on their reading skills while hunting for items. If your kids are too young to read, draw pictures of what they need to find. The fall is a great time to work on color words since there are so many on the ground. Let them find a brown, red, green, orange and yellow leaf, writing each of the words in their color if they need the extra help.

What kind of learning activities do you like to do in the fall?

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