Milk: Four Things You Might Not Know

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Milk is one of the most important things I set in front of my children each day. They definitely prefer drinking flavored milk, and I can always get them to accept a glass each day hot or cold as long as it is chocolate.

Do your kids drink milk? Here’s 4 reasons why they should be, plus some interesting facts about milk.

Milk is packed with 9 essential nutrients in each glass.


It’s very unfortunate to hear that most kids fall short on important nutrients including potassium, calcium, and vitamin D, all of which are found in a glass of milk. The Dietary Guidelines recommend the following:

  • 8 years-old and up: three servings of low-fat or fat-free milk and/or products every day
  • 4 to 8 years-old: two and a half servings of low-fat or fat-free milk and/or products every day

Milk is the top food source for three of the four nutrients most likely to be missing from kids’ diets – calcium, vitamin D and potassium. It is also a great way for kids to get their bone-building nutrients.

Can you say inexpensive protein?

One 8 ounce glass contains 8 grams of protein! It’s important that kids get protein at every meal, especially breakfast, to help maximize how their bodies use it. In fact, protein at breakfast can help keep kids feel full and satisfied, so they won’t feel hungry by mid-morning. An 8-ounce glass of dairy milk provides 8 times more protein than a glass of almond milk.

Plus, at just about a quarter a glass, it is one of the most affordable ways to give your kids nutritious protein.

No Sugar Added

Really. White milk doesn’t contain any added sugar. All of the sugar present is naturally occurring. It tastes great without the added sweetness! In a world where sugar is added to everything possible to make it sweeter it is nice to have an all natural non-sweet option for my kids to drink with breakfast. (Obviously flavored milk has sugar added so check labels.)

Trust and Reassurance

It is a choice you can feel good about serving to your family. Many people don’t realize that from the farm to the dairy plant to the grocery store, milk is one of safest foods you can buy. Did you know that ALL varieties (regular or organic, flavored or white) are all safe, wholesome, and naturally nutrient-rich? It makes me feel better since my kids like it in the chocolate variety most of the time. That or from the bottom of their bowl after their cereal is eaten each morning!

Also, with milk being minimally processed, and usually locally delivered – the pasteurization process is a simple one, and makes milk safe to drink.

We are so happy to announce our partnership with the National Milk Life Campaign’s Back-to-School program. Please watch for a series of post this week!

Which of the four tips about milk surprised you the most?


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