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Movement: Service Ideas That Will Get You Moving

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Service—This week's Season of Service challenge is to Move. This is inspired by this week's #gno party with PBS Kids, about making science fun for kids and keeping their brains moving with shows like Dinosaur Train and others. Here are 10 bite-size ideas for service involving moving.

10 Bite-Size Ideas for Moving Service

  1. Donate a used suitcase to a local foster care agency to enable foster care children to move from one foster home to the next with dignity.
  2. Donate a Fresh Start Moving Kit like this one to help foster kids aging out of foster care. Contact your local United Way for more information.
  3. Opt out of or remove yourself from the mailing list of one credit card junk mail solicitation, and save some trees.
  4. Make the first move to increase the safety of your neighborhood by creating a phone tree organized by street so that in case of an emergency or power outage, neighbors can make sure everyone's taken care of.
  5. Walk somewhere you'd normally drive, to get your blood moving.
  6. Calculate how many food miles your dinner moved to get to your house, using this link or this one, to understand  your carbon footprint better.
  7. Check out this article from on the benefits of teaching chess to kids, and consider teaching chess to your kids.
  8. Follow MoveAmericaForward on Twitter, to find out more about their mission of supplying care packages to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  9. Take a 10-minute walk twice this week to increase your movement. Go to if you need help getting motivation or ideas.
  10. Like The Second Step on Facebook to find out more about how they help survivors of domestic violence move out of the cycle of abuse.

How Will You Give to Others This Week?

  • What other ideas do you have for giving to others by moving?
  • How has moving made a meaningful difference for you this week?
  • How have others given to you this week and what difference has that made in your life?

How Else Can You Make a Difference This Season?

Make a meaningful difference this season by taking the Season of Service (SOS) Challenge. Here's how you can participate:

  • Commit to do one act of kindness/service based on the week's challenge.
  • Leave a comment with ideas relating to the week's challenge as well as your experience(s) performing it.
  • Enter to win each week's giveaway. Check out this week's prizes from PBS Kids by clicking here.
  • Join #gno this Tuesday on Twitter to connect with other Mom It Forward moms about the challenge.
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