Pumpkin Decorating with Kids

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Holidays are so much more fun with kids.  I couldn't wait to decorate pumpkins with Kate this year because, at 4-years-old, she's at the perfect age for this fun no-carving pumpkin DIY.

Pumpkin Decorating with Kids

Rather than carving the pumpkins (hello, little fingers!), I thought it would be much more fun to paint them.  I had some left over paint from some other crafts and - get this - we actually grew these pumpkins from seeds Kate planted as part of a preschool project - so we were already well on our way to a fun painted pumpkin.  We picked up a few more things and we were ready to create!

Pumpkin Decorating with Kids - No carving needed for glittery gold and silver

Supplies for Your Painted Pumpkin

  • Pumpkin(s), size of your choosing
  • Paint (We used silver and gold.)
  • Glitter (We selected purple and gold.)
  • Paint brush
  • Optional: other embellishments such as ribbon to tie on the pumpkin's stem

Pumpkin Decorating with Kids - gold and silver glitter painted pumpkins

How to Make Your Painted Pumpkin

  1. Cover your work surface and lay your pumpkin(s) on top of your work area.  Gather your paints and glitter.  I did this outside because...well...glitter is messy.
  2. Decide on your paint scheme.  Kate and I decided to go with one solid gold pumpkin and one solid silver pumpkin.  Paint your pumpkin.
  3. If you want to use glitter, sprinkle however much you want onto the paint before it dries.
  4. Optional: Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it around your pumpkin's stem.
  5. Allow to dry.

Pumpkin Decorating with Kids - gold and silver painted glitter pumpkins

The silver paint covered the pumpkin better than the gold paint.  But, I think slightly more precise painting and two coats would have helped the gold paint.  But, like all my projects, I like to let Kate take charge.  I'd rather let her have fun than a completely well painted pumpkin 😉

Pumpkin Decorating with Kids - Glitter painted metallic pumpkins

These look so festive hanging out on the porch!  And I love how easy this was for Kate to do by herself and make her own.  She loved using the glitter to make these extra sparkly.

Pumpkin Decorating with - trendy metallic pumpkins

I'm thinking we might do this again and try other color paints and maybe even paint a face on the pumpkin.  How cute would that be?!

What color scheme would you paint your pumpkins?  Would you do stripes?  Or maybe polka dots?

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