Kids Craft: How to Make a Scratch and Sniff Thank You Card

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Do you remember when you were little dribbling Elmer's Glue onto paper, hurriedly dumping a couple of handfuls of dirt onto it, then letting the excess dirt slide/slough off so that your masterpiece dirt/glue design would be revealed? Do you not also remember the glee of scratch and sniff stickers? Well, this kids' craft is kinda like that.

Many adults hear the word "embossing" and run away in fear that the project is too complicated. It's really not. Watch this Youtube video to see how easy it is. At the same time, you want a card that will enable your kids to truly impress their teachers and express their thanks.

How to Make a Scratch and Sniff Thank You Card

Supplies needed:

  • Kool-aid, sugar-free, 1 packet (we used cherry)
  • White 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock
  • Clear embossing powder
  • A heat tool (can be a hair dryer, but it takes longer)
  • A piece of regular paper
  • A stamp
  • Versamark Ink


Prepare beforehand:

Take about a teaspoonful of Kool-aid, and a couple of teaspoonfuls of clear embossing powder, and mix in a bowl. Lay out, first, the piece of regular paper, then the cardstock on top of that.

To Make, have your child:

1.  Cut the cardstock in half down the middle, in landscape orientation (horizontal), then fold it in half again to make a card.

2.  Pat the stamp on the Versamark pad a few times, then stamp solidly on the cardstock.

3.  Pour the Kool-aid/embossing powder mixture over the stamped image, making sure to cover it completely.

My son was particularly thorough and rubbed the card in the powder.

4.  Tilt the cardstock sideways so that the excess powder slides off onto the paper below. Tap the cardstock on the table a few times to make sure no excess flecks remain. Remove excess powder back into the bowl by folding the paper and sliding.

5.  Turn on the heat tool and hold it a 4-5 inches from the image. Hold the cardstock securely so it doesn't blow away.
Heat the image for a couple of minutes until it all of a sudden turns shiny. Voila!

6.  Add other decorations or notes as needed.

What are your favorite ways to show appreciation for others?

For more card ideas, check Pinterest and SplitCoastStampers.





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