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Help Others Find Happiness with a “Bookless Book Club”

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to find it yourself.” We are none of us entitled to happiness, but we are all equipped with the basic resources to pursue it. How we choose to find it, and whether or not we choose to help others find it as well, makes a big difference. I suggested oncethat one simple way to help others find happiness is to host a "bookless book club." You invite a few friends to gather at your house for some socializing and take the $10 or $20 each club member might have spent on a book and pool it together to make a donation to a charity of mutual choosing. Here are some ideas for possible charities, all based on our verb-of-the-week: "find."

  1. St. Anthony Foundation, which seeks to feed, heal, shelter, clothe, lift the spirits of those in need, and create a society in which all persons find homes, confidence, and happiness.
  2. Aslan Youth Ministries, which works to help at-risk youth overcome their limitations and find the strength to endure and succeed. Their programs include one-on-one mentoring and tutoring, character development classes anchored in Christian values and principles, recreational activities, summer camps, cultural enrichment programs, intervention services and scholarship assistance programs for higher learning.
  3. American Brain Tumor Association, which works to find breakthroughs in brain tumor diagnoses, treatment, and care.
  4. Your local foster care agency, which helps find foster homes for young children and provides tips for helping "aged-out" foster kids.
  5., which is not so much a nonprofit as it is a website that provides ideas and links for people looking to find microvolunteering opportunities. Visit this link to find a bounty of mini-volunteer, fully-online opportunities that could be done, if desired, at your "bookless book club."

Have you ever tried a "bookless book club?" If so, how did it go?

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