Craft Projects the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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It's time to roll up your sleeves and get your arts and crafts on ... with your family. That's right! What better way to bond with your family than by doing simple family-friendly craft projects.


4 Simple Family-Friendly Craft Projects

1. Draw a family tree.

Do you want to teach your kids about their lineage? Grab some construction paper, colored pencils or crayons, and a pen to create your family tree. Your family will learn about relatives and backgrounds all while making a pretty and memorable picture that you can hang on your wall. Also, check out our free family tree printables, available for free downloads, in both adult family tree and kid family tree versions.

2. Make a photo book.

Have you always wanted to put together a photobook or scrapbook but haven't found the time? Why not have your family members help? You can have each member of the family pick his or her 10 favorite photos. Print them and place them into a photo album. If you're feeling really crafty, put the photos into a scrapbook and have each member of the family decorate a couple of pages.

Looking more more photography fun you can do with your family? Check out these 5 photo activities for kids!

3. Paint a handprint collage.

It's always fun to see whose hand is bigger than whose. Instead of holding your hands up to a family member's, grab a canvas, pour some paint onto a plate, have each member of the family put their palm into the paint, and press the paint-covered palms onto the canvas in a decorative fashion. You can do this on an annual basis to see how the handprints grow and change every year.

4. Create with Play-Doh.

Who doesn't love Play-Doh? Let your creativity pop off the page with a unique make-and-display art experience that just might get you hooked. Brought to you by the makers of Play-Doh modeling compound, DohVinci design kits let you decorate and personalize your world in so many colorful ways. It's super easy for almost anyone to do! Just use the innovative air-dry design compound and Styler tool to create dimensional designs with bold 3D lines. And unlike most paints or markers, don't worry if you make a mistake. Just wipe off your design and try again!

Doh Vinci sponsored the Family Forward retreat earlier this year. What we found most amazing as families were engaging over craft projects? How immersed the dads were. Think your husband or the boys in your family won't get into the craft projects as much as your girls? Think again!

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What's your favorite family-friendly craft project?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by DohVinci. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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