Spring Education: Lessons Learned From the Sky


As spring approaches and snow clouds disappear, the blue skies pop out and so do the light breezes that pull you outdoors. There is so much we can learn with our children by looking at the sky. Take some time as the weather gets warmer to look up and see what you can learn!

flower reaching up to the cloudy sky

3 Things We Can Teach Our Kids by Watching the Sky



Teach your children what different cloud shapes mean. This is a fun educational activity that can be done while finding pictures in the clouds mixing fun with learning. Keep a record of what the clouds looked like and make weather predictions. See if you were correct!

Solar System

Keep a monthly calendar of the phases of the moon. Each night during the month, go outside with your child and draw what the moon looks like. When the month is over, discuss the moon cycle and our place in the solar system.

Birds and Nature

Go bird watching. There are an assortment of different birds of all shapes and sizes. Take binoculars to a park and try to find birds in their habitats. Make note of the bird’s actions and determine what they could be doing such as building a nest, looking for food, or flying home for the spring.

What is your favorite thing about clear skies?

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