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Decorating with a stencil is one of the easiest ways to add an artistic flair to your home or a project without needing to have any artistic skills. That's the beauty about stencils. Royal Design Studio has so many stencils for all kinds of home projects, so naturally, I jumped at the chance to try one out. I chose Nova Trellis Stencil for an all over application. This stencil is large to cover a lot of space with each application.

stencil a wall

I had planned to do one wall in my craft room, but quickly decided to change it up. I thought my otherwise boring mirror closet doors would be the perfect thing to stencil using a glass etching glaze. It also forced me to clean up my table in the background for the photo. 🙂

How to Stencil a Mirror

The stencil came with easy to follow instructions and I completed my project with few mistakes within about 30 min, start to finish. I used a sponge brush because of the medium I was working with. The only other supplies I needed were painters tape. I taped it up, stenciled, moved the stencil down and continued until it was finished. EASY! I love how it gives my craft room a little creative edge.

Stencil a wall

Here's a closer look where you can see I missed a few splotches.

stencil a wall

The project went so smooth, I'm already thinking of other ways or areas to use my stencil again. If I can talk my husband into it, I'm going to stencil the ceiling of my front porch! Wouldn't that look cool?

It's always fun to see new projects and learn about techniques on their facebook page.

I'm always gathering new ideas for different ways to add a bit of stencil art to my home. Another great place for stencil eye candy and ideas is their website. Beautiful stuff.

 What fun craft stencil project are you working on?

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