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Strengthening Families: 5 Ways to Foster Creativity

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When we hear the word creativity, we might think crayons and paint and envision the need to make something. But creativity is actually about growth. It is about embracing life, finding ways around obstacles, and expanding our horizons.

Family life is one of the best places to foster creativity. It is a place where we feel safe, where we feel we can explore our roles, and where we know we can make mistakes and we will still be accepted and loved.

5 Ways to Foster Creativity

Here are 5 fun ways we can foster creativity in our homes.

Solve Problems Creatively

The next time there is a squabble between the kids or a disagreement among families members, look to solve the problem creatively. For example, when the kids can't get along, instead of sending them to time-out, put one child on each side of a dirty window and put them to work washing it. There they will stand, staring at one another. It won't take long for the laughter to ensure and the friendship to rekindle. Or, instead of you imposing a consequence, have your children choose each other's consequences when applicable.

Story in the Round

As you sit around the dinner table or drive in the car, have one person start a story. One simple sentence such as "Once upon a time there was a tiger..." works great. Then, the next person adds a sentence to the first..."who didn't have any stripes...." Continue the story letting each family member add their ideas. Before you know it your family has "written" their own story together.

Everyday Capture

Part of living a creative life is being able to see the world around us through a different lens. Give each person in your family a disposable camera. Have them take pictures for a day and then have the pictures developed. Once you have the pictures back,sit down as a family and have each person describe the pictures they took and why. This is also a great way to gain a better understanding of how our family members view the world around them and what they think is important and special.

Family Book Club

As a family, choose a book to read together. Set a time, such as right before bed each night, and read a few pages. Give everyone a piece of paper and something to write with and draw illustrations to go along with the book. This will help foster creativity, and imagination. Then, take time to talk about what you read. Talk about the characters and the choices they are making. Don't forget to discuss what everyone thinks "could happen." Save the illustrations and bind them into your own family book. When you are done, move onto another book and before you know it you will have a great collection and fantastic memories of time spent exploring creatively together.

Creativity Box

Use the printable below to make and label your own Creativity Box. It is a great way for children to explore creativity on their own, whenever the time permits.

"Creativity Box" Printable


To download your very own Creativity Box instructions and label, click here.

To access all of the Super Hero Family eBooks, including the Creativity eBook, click here.

Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson, M.S., teaches students the principles behind successful families at Brigham Young University. You can find her online at, and connect with her on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.
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