Summer Break: 5 Tips to Keep You on Task This Summer

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It can be tough to feel like you have a solid routine during the summer when the kids are out of school and between activities. If it's not time for summer camp, it means the kids are at home and yearning for something to occupy those long days. While you may be able to help them stave off boredom, it's also important that you don't spend too much time being an entertainer. Here are some fun, easy ways to keep your own projects front and center while the kids fill their time this summer.

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5 Tips to Keep You on Task This Summer

Now that summer break is in full swing, here are 5 tips to keep you on task this summer.

Kitchen Time

With the kids at home, three square a day can feel like a full-time job. That's why it's good to have some little helpers. It's never too soon to bring the kids into the kitchen and have them help, whether it's cracking eggs or learning how to spread peanut butter, meal time will double as fun learning time and it'll go by faster once the little chefs get comfortable with simple cooking tasks.

Art Hour

Warm, sunny weather is like inspiration fuel for the budding artist. If you have your own art projects to pursue, why not regiment an hour of art time every day for both mom and kids? They'll get to do something they love with crayons, paint or clay, while you can hone your craft in an environment alive with creativity.

Cleaning Day

Kids are messy, but anything is possible when you make it into a game. Have one day a week when it's family cleaning day and make a colorful chart with chores for the kids. While they help you get the cleaning done faster, they can earn rewards like stickers and treats for doing their tasks, or save up for something big like a day at the movies. They'll learn responsibility and how to earn their indulgences while you save time on upkeep.

Educational Entertainment

If you're a remote learner, finding time for your online classwork can be a challenge with the kids out of school. Get the kids on-board by carving out some learning time for everybody. While you're studying for your CPA certification or participating in your online nursing program, the kids can play educational games or even read a book in their new favorite series. Everyone will learn together and you'll get your homework in on time.

Fitness Friday

When schedules get loose, so can your workout routine. Kids need exercise, too, so pick at least one day each week when everyone will engage in some kind of fun fitness activity. It may be a family game of soccer, a group bike ride or just a walk around the neighborhood to spot different flowers and animals. The important part is that everyone will get fit together and you'll stay on task with your exercise regimen.

Planning your kids' summer schedules around your own adult responsibilities is a great way to impart strong values while you stick to your own projects. Make it fun and keep everyone involved to make this summer the most productive school vacation ever.

What fun things are you doing to stay on task this summer?

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