Best of — Family Vacation Tips

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Family Fun: Spring Break Travel Ideas

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AH!  The anticipation of Spring Break!  It is a break for the kids so they can forget about school and have fun.  But sometimes it is a time for adults to get away from everyday life, too.  As you plan, think about how your family likes to spend time

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Family Travel: Try an Alaska Coastline Cruise

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Families looking for a fabulous experience need look no further than the beautiful landscapes and scenery of an Alaska coastline cruise. With the Alaskan cruise season about to open in just a few weeks, I want to share a few insights and experiences from my family’s Alaskan adventure last summer.

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Ten Ways to Increase Your Children’s Cultural Awareness During Foreign Travel

my worldcultural awareness

Our family left Utah for a vacay on March 24 and with the exception of an 8-hour stop in between trips, we haven't been back home since. Our trip started in Central America—Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras—to visit my parents. And then, thanks to a trip from Royal Caribbean,…

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