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Family Forward: Top 3 Attractions at Universal Orlando Resort

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Thrill, innovation, enchantment, and creativity are what you’ll experience at Universal Orlando Resort. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Family Forward Retreat in which we got to participate to the fullest in what Universal Orlando and Universal’s Island of Adventure has to offer. Choosing favorites from all the activities we did was almost impossible but I managed to conjure up my top few.

My Favorite Attractions at Universal Orlando Resort

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Universal Orlando Resort Theme Park

Being the thrill seeker that I am, I’m always the first to rush to the tallest attraction that I spot in the theme park I’m visiting. In Universal Studios, the tallest coaster can be seen from all across the resort in every direction. Towering 17 stories high, it’s called the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. This roller coaster is unique because YOU get to pick the music that plays while you rocket at 65 mph down the 170-foot plunge. I highly recommend listening to Glamorous by Fergie. It definitely enhanced my experience. This colossal ride even offers an exclusive video of you and your riding partner at the end that is sure to keep the memories alive.

The next attraction I absolutely loved was The Revenge of the Mummy. You hop in a spacious multi-passenger jeep and head on a journey with surprises around every corner. It starts out slow and mild as you move through the inside of the sacred temple, only to be shocked at what awaits. Lo and behold, in an unexpected instant, your jeep starts going backwards and you’re rapidly shooting through the dark on a roller coaster of mystery. The initial shock factor that it’s actually a roller coaster instead of a mild adventure ride took me completely by surprise (sorry to ruin it for you..) We had to go back for more!


Blue Man Group

Not to say I had low expectations to begin with, but the Blue Man Group blew every assumption I had about their show out of the water. It was incredible. They kept me thoroughly entertained the whole time by their innovative and artistic flare to music and comedy. If I wasn’t laughing, I was too deeply engaged in a jaw dropping arrangement of sounds done purely with pipes! Another reason I (and many others) enjoyed the performance so much was due to their interaction with the audience. There were multiple acts in which they used or targeted a member of the audience to be involved. To my dismay, for some reason the blue men chose me to go on stage with them during one of their skits. “Um.. hi. Wait what? No! Why me?” was exactly what I was thinking as I saw them approach me in the audience without breaking eye contact for even a millisecond. Turns out, it was actually fun! Their shows are lighthearted and clean to ensure no one gets offended and everyone has a good time. I highly recommend them to everyone.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal’s Island of Adventure

Lastly, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was my favorite part of my visit to Universal Orlando Resort. Enchanted yet realistic, the buildings and landmarks that we read about in all the books are brought to life for everyone to see and feel. Each shop is distinct and unlike anything I’ve ever set eyes on. Explore the shops, even for a moment, and you won’t regret it. Of course, as cliché as it is, the Butterbeer is a must try as well. I even preferred the frozen to the original but that’s just me. Along with the charm of this newly developed region, I also loved the Dragon Challenge roller coasters found in the same area of the park. There are two rip-roaring coasters, Hungarian Horntail and Chinese Fireball, each varying from the other. Twisting, dropping, turning and looping are the best way I can begin to describe these thrilling rides. After a few too many times enduring the Dragon Challenge and a few too many Butterbeers, I’d dare say I had the full experience. Even if you’re not a die-hard Harry Potter fan but still enjoy the books and movies, you’ll love The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

With so much to do and such a vast variety of options, these are just a handful of my favorite experiences at Universal Orlando Resort. Each area of the resort takes creativity to a new level by inspiring us to explore our own imaginations. Whether it’s the theme parks, CityWalk, or the ornate hotels, each is transformed by an eclectic array of ideas to enhance your experience at Universal Orlando Resort.

 What is your favorite theme park? Why

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