12 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Teens

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So, your teenager has a boyfriend/girlfriend. Valentine’s Day can sometimes add pressure to a teen relationship. Teen dating shouldn’t be demanding, though. Instead, it should be a fun time when they can get to know many different people. Suggest a group or double date to have fun with more friends. Here are some date ideas to hopefully minimize the stress of Valentine's Day.

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12 Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Teens

  1. Make a Valentine’s ginger bread house.
  2. Go ice skating.
  3. Make and decorate Valentine’s Day cookies and bring them to widows in your area.
  4. “Heart Attack” the elderly or others who may need cheering up.
  5. Get active and play your favorite sport.
  6. Play in the snow. Make an igloo or make yourselves into snowmen by decking them out in items that represent each other.
  7. Go dancing.
  8. Have a group dinner by candlelight and make s’mores over the flame.
  9. Visit a psychic.
  10. Go to the top of the highest building in your city.
  11. Have a chocolate taste test to find your favorite brand and filling.
  12. As a group, make Valentine mailboxes like you used to in elementary school. Provide shoe boxes, colorful paper, stickers, candy hearts, markers, etc. Have each person come with Valentines to exchange once you’re done!

How have your teenagers celebrated Valentine's Day with their friends or with their girlfriend or boyfriend?

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