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Everywhere you look, you see the hottest celebs rocking their own fashion looks. And you think to yourself, “Where can I get that?” So, here is the secret: when you create your own style, you are not following the herd. You are following yourself. Real fashion is about mixing and matching. It is about finding looks that rock who you are rather than what the labels want you to be. I guess it is the time to stop obeying and start finding your own path.

Think about what fashion is and you are halfway home. Start thinking about style and you are on the home stretch. There is a difference between style and fashion. Style is what happens when you start with your personality and then choose your clothes. Fashion is what other people follow.

How to Create Your Own Fashion

Here are a few tips on how to create your own fashion:

1. The first step on the road to creating your own fashion is forgetting about what is fashionable and thinking about how to create your own style.

2. Style is defined by look and by personality. Some things, like certain colors, look good on you and not on others—it depends on your skin tone, your hair color, and your eyes. Other things are right for you because they reflect who you are. Grungy rock jeans and leathers work when you have some of that laid back attitude in your personality. Retro 80s colors and cuts are for power dressers or people whose sense of fun is defined by their youth.

3. That does not mean you should not look at brands. It just means you should not listen to what brands tell you to do. If you like something, you like it because of the way it brings out an element of your personality or your physicality, not because the label tells you a certain way to feel.

4. One thing you will notice when you look at the looks rocked by various celebrities is that they very rarely have logos showing. No logo is the way to go when you create a fashion look of your own. Concentrate on colors and custom, not on big badges that tell the world which design house made your jacket or your jeans or your skirt.

5. At the moment, fashion in general, has turned over a new leaf; it is starting to talk and think like style instead. The “in” looks are combinations. You can have 50s or 80s, you can have 90s or 70s, you can wear hard rocking punk clothes or a severely smart look.

6. What suits you, suits the catwalk. So, start listening to your inner diva (or your inner James Dean!) and get down with the look that says on the outside what you feel on the inside.

7. Do not forget that fashion does not start and stop with clothes either. Rather, as we are talking about making style your own, do not forget that style is more than the sum of your clothing parts. The right jewellery and the right makeup are all part of the package, too.

So, go on, make yourself who you are. Clothes don’t make fashion—you do. The looks at are just the start of the style journey.

 What do you do to spice up your wardrobe and make it your own?

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