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Storytelling: How To Write a Book With Your Kids and Capture Family Memories

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Our family took in a homeless dog and named him Batman. We acquired him from the street and although he's grown up in our home for over a year now, he still acts homeless. He likes to jump on the counters, ravage for food, and create a disaster wherever he…

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Exercise for Kids: How Parents Can Keep Kids Active

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When I was growing up, “in the good old days,” exercise was built into my daily play routine. Here is a common refrain I hear from parents of children who are close to my daughter’s age (who is soon to be 8 years old), “It’s just not the same…

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The Power of Story Week 2: The Places I’ve Called Home

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Recently, I came across photos of my childhood home. The images brought back a flood of memories:

  • The couch
  • The bare wooden stairwell
  • My swing set
  • Harvest gold cafe-style curtains in the kitchen
  • My tricycle
  • Our fireplace where I posed for my 3-year-old birthday photo
I laughed with my…

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The Power of Storytelling: Soap and KT Boundaries

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The evo conference is still with me. One moment, in particular, just keeps playing over and over in my mind. Derreck Kayongo spoke to us and shared his mission, vision, and passion for giving impoverished people dignity by giving them soap. He told of a time he shared…

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Read Literacy Into Service

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This week's Season of Service challenge involves serving with books, which can be great mediums for education and conversation. 10 Tips to Serve By Reading Here are 10 bite-size ideas:

  1. Donate your gently-used paperback books to the Prison Book Program to improve prisoners' access to educational materials.
  2. Order an extra

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