27 Fathers Day Activities and Homemade Gift Ideas


Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19. Have you and your kids made your Father's Day gifts yet? Here are 27 creative Father's Day activities, crafts for kids, printable coupons, homemade gift tutorials, free printables, and fun gift wrap ideas. These are the most popular ideas from the Tip Junkie Father's Day site which has almost 100 free tutorials to make for Dad.

Father's Day Activities

Father's Day Activities and Crafts, banner, quilt, envelopes, tie
1. Envelope Surprises {Father Day Ideas} - A new spin on the traditional coupon gifts. Each envelope holds a daily surprise for Dad. A great group gift from everyone in the family, each person can pitch in and create special surprises to put in the envelopes.

2. Father’s Day Tie Banner {Fathers Day Projects for Kids} - Decorate for Dad with this cute Happy Father’s Day banner that uses ties instead of pennants.

3. Quilted Hand Prints for Dad {fathers day projects} - A darling frame with the poem, “Daddy no matter how big we get, we will always reach for you!” As well as the outline of Dad and child hand prints quilted on it.

4. Fathers Day Hand Print Tie {tradition} - It was pretty simple to make. I found a white tie…any light color will do. First I bought some fabric paint in a few different colors. I dipped Mr. C’s little chubby hands and feet in the paint and dabbed them onto a paper towel. The next step was to stamp those babies on the tie. That’s it!

Free Printable Cards

Free Printable Cards for Dad
5. Super Hero Supply Labels {Printables} - Let your Dad know you think he is a super hero and give him some treats that he will enjoy at the same time. These labels turn Dad’s favorite snacks into super hero supplies.

6. Fast Food Father’s Day Treats {Printable Father’s Day} - These cute cupcakes and cookies disguised as fast food are made even cuter with these free printables.

7. World’s Greatest Dad Gift {printable} - Here is a little Fathers craft DIY project made with Martha Stewart’s free Retro word art template.

8. Free Download: Super Dad Printables - Here are some printable ‘My Dad is Super” cupcake toppers. There are 3 different toppers… I love variety! It keeps things spicy!

Printable Coupons

Printable Coupons
9. Father’s Day Coupon Book {printable} - Six fill-in-the-blank coupons to quickly print out and make into a darling booklet and last minute gift for Dad.

10. Daddyland Coupon Book {Printables} - This cute printable coupon book is a play on the old Disneyland ride tickets, but instead of admission to rides, Dad gets permission to take a nap and control of the television remote.

11. Gift of Time Coupons for Dad {Printable Gift Coupons} - Let the kids fill out these printable gift of time coupons for Dad and let him know that they love spending special time with Dad.

Crafts for Kids

Fathers Day Crafts For Kids
12. Father’s Day Toolbox Card {Crafts for Preschool} - Create a toolbox that no Dad can live without. This cute card is a great project for kids to make.

13. Father’s Day Magnet CD {kid crafts} - Used old DVD’s we printed out a pic of the girls and traced a cup on top for the circle. We mod podged them onto the CDs.

14. Father’s Day Picture Puzzle {preschool craft} - How great is this picture puzzle?! I’m so excited about it–almost as excited as the kids! It’s super easy and makes a fun presentation. Ready to get to it?

15. Dad Rocks Paperweight - If you are looking for a last minute gift your kids can make, this is it! It’s fun to make, uses very few supplies, and there’s a very high probability you already have everything on hand to make this.

Homemade Gifts for Dad

Homemade Gifts for Dad
16. Father’s Day Craft: Scrabble Letter word art - Here is a fun and easy craft that was inspired by a magazine photo using Scrabble letters. It is so easy and can be modified for so many occasions

17. D.A.D. Portrait {homemade gift} - I bought 12 inch “D” and “A” paper mache letters at JoAnn Fabrics and spray painted them aqua. Easy, right?

18. DAD Light Switch Frames {diy decor} - Take three light switch plates and cut the center piece out using a saw. Next glue paper onto the light switch, cut out the middle, and distres the edges. Mod Podgte them and attach the three frames together.

19. My Fathers Hands {thoughtful gift} - A picture of Grandpa holding each of our children’s hand and put into a beautiful collage frame.

Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas
20. DIY Shirt and Tie Gift Bags {Printable Templates} - Use the printable template to create these adorable gift bags. Use them to wrap presents, hold homemade treats for Dad, or even as a decorative centerpiece.

21. Ribbon Tie {Gift Wrap} - Instead of the traditional bow, use silk ribbon to tie a tie around Dad’s gift.

22. Tie Gift Box Template {Present Wrap} - This cute tie shaped box is perfect for holding that special gift you got Dad for Father’s Day. It is made from patterned paper using this template.

23. Map Gift Wrap for Dad {Present Wrap} - If your dad isn’t one who likes to ask for directions, this map gift wrapping idea might be just the thing he needs. At least it will get a good laugh.

Father's Day Printables

Father's Day Printables

24. Top Pop {Father Day Cards Printable} - Turn Dad’s favorite soda (or even better, a Dad’s rootbeer) into a cute gift for him with these free Top Pop printables.

25. Daddy’s Toolbox Tutorial Freebie {printable} - I created it as a last minute Father’s Day gift, and thought it would be an adorable container for a gift card, little notes or chocolates.

26. Fathers Day Gift Tags & Cupcake Toppers {printable} - Print out these freebie printables to use for gift tags and/or cupcake toppers for Father’s Day for Dad or Grandpa.

27. M&M Bowties {printable} - My entire family is getting together this weekend, and I wanted Little Man to have something to give his Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncles on Father’s Day.

Thanks Ladies. I just adore these daddy gifts and crafts! If you were featured in this post, head on over to Tip Junkie and grab a “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it! {high fives}

If you have a tutorial over on your blog, feel free to submit it to the Father's Day Site or on the Tip Junkie Facebook page.

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