Baby Clothing: What a Baby Needs For The First 6 Months

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One of the nicest things you could do before your baby is born or before he or she comes home is to look for baby clothes. Of course you like all the tiny items that you find in stores, but which ones does the little one really need in the first period? 

Clothes Your Baby Will Need The First 6 Months


In the majority of the cases these are just perfect for the little ones to sleep in them and play in them. You most likely know that at the beginning the little one will be napping a lot, and this kind of clothing is just perfect for that.


At the beginning babies have a quite large head, and this is why you should be looking for those shirts that have plenty of room at the neck or that snap at the neck. This way it is easy to get them on the little one. You also have the possibility to choose one pieces that snap at the crotch, making them easy to use.


The good thing about separate items is that you can change one piece of clothing without having to change the entire outfit. Those are the best that come with elastic waistbands so that they will expand as the little one changes weight.


Usually the little ones don’t like to have things pulled over their head, so you should be looking for those jackets or sweaters that button up in the front.


Although in the majority of the cases these look very cute, you should avoid getting such items that are difficult to get on or off or that come with snaps at all costs. When looking for more  options, consider taking a look at local stores, this is how I found this newborn girl clothing boutique.


These blankets are usually made of cotton or fleece and they come with a zipper to pull up when the baby is in the sack, so that it will keep him or her warm. These represent a great alternative for the traditional blankets, and so you can reduce the chances of SIDS. Naturally your need for this depends greatly on the climate that you are living in and on the season in which the little one is born.


In case the little one gets born during the winter, you might need a one piece that would keep the little one warm during the walks. Usually these come with a hood and there are many different styles to choose from, including fleecewear.

 What clothing items are most important for you and your baby? What have been some of your favorites?

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