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Breakfast Traditions: OMG Pancakes Cookbook Review

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Breakfast—As a mother, making traditions with my family is really important. Like most parents, my husband and I try and find ways to connect with our kids. We want them to someday look back on their childhood and remember all the special things we have done together. I had traditions growing up that I have shared with my kids, and I hope that the things we are doing now will create memories that they will want to pass on to their future families as well.

I recently reviewed a new book called OMG Pancakes. The book was written by Jim Belosic and is filled with fun and creative ways to make pancakes. I was immediately drawn to the giraffe on the front of the book and thought, "There is no way that is a pancake."

The characters that Jim creates with his pancakes are unbelievable and will forever etch in your mind that breakfast can be fun and exciting. Sheep, spiderwebs, flamingos, dinosaurs, bluebirds, and monkeys are just a few of the 70 different creations you can make. OMG Pancakes is a page turner and you will marvel at the things you can make with pancake batter.

Jim shares how making pancakes with his daughter is a way they can spend time together. He gives his recipes, tricks, and tools of the trade to make breakfast more creative. I followed his easy instructions on to how to create pancakes with different colors, shapes, and designs. Our family tried a few of the recipes and found that it sparked a few new ideas of our own. Who knew that making breakfast together could be so much fun?

OMG pancakes is filled with new and exciting ways to make pancakes. It has me rethinking breakfast, and for my kids it has them wanting to spend time together making crazy looking pancakes. Take time to think about the traditions that are important to you and start to create them today.

What is your favorite family tradition? What are you doing to create memories with your kids?

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