Costa Rica: How to Travel Cheap in Costa Rica With Your Family

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Costa Rica is filled with amazing adventures but it can get a bit pricey. After a lot of researching and experiencing myself what it is like to travel in Costa Rica, I found a way to save and still have a great time. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive tours to enjoy everything that Costa Rica has to offer.

How to Travel in Costa Rica with Your Family on a Budget

Hanging Bridges

This is a must-do in Costa Rica. These are hiking tours along huge bridges located over the forest; some of them are almost a mile long. You can explore the rain forest around the Arenal volcano or explore the cloud forest in the middle of the mountains of Monteverde.


Manuel Antonio National Park

This is one of the best national parks of the country and you don’t need to hire a guide. The paths are well marked and there are tons of wildlife encounters as you walk in the middle of the rain forest.



Costa Rica has plenty of beautiful beaches where you can sit back and relax for free—over 800 miles of coastline!

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Renting Bikes in Puerto Viejo

Another great way to explore over 15 isolated, untouched beaches surrounded by rain forest is to rent bikes. For around $10 you get to rent a bike for the whole day. Kids love this!


Central Parks

Each village has adorable central parks where the locals hang out. Buy your kids some ice cream and crumbs to feed the pigeons and you'll have one of the most memorable moments of your whole vacation.


Do you have any good travel tips for families on a budget?

Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living and traveling in Central America with her family for over 10 years. She blogs all about her family's adventures and life at With all their miles under their belts, she's written a useful family guide book for traveling to Costa Rica with kids - tested and approved by her family!

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